Monday, July 30, 2007

Gluten Free Supper

Even though our supper was gluten free, it was full of laughs, good company, great conversation, and 3 adoroable little girls.

Thanks for a great evening Jamie and next time i will plan on stocking a few more beers in my fridge instead of bolting out the front door to do an undercover beer run.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Birthday lows can be treated with chicken.

I highly suggest grabbing a can of beer. Drinking half of it. Rubbing oil on a 4 pound chicken. Rubbing your spice rub all over it. Cranking the chickens orifice over the can of beer and cooking it on indirect heat for 1 hour. Then i suggest eating it.

Absolutely the best way to cook a chicken in the summer.

Birthday today. I am 21 (sort of, kind of). And for my birthday i gave. I gave treatment to our first night time low. Emma's BG's have been increasing as you all know. But now they are digging their sharp little teeth in letting us know that they will be around from now on.

However one good thing came out of this low. Emma must think we are the best parents in the world! Like as if her other friends parents would wake her up at 12am to MAKE her eat smarties. It was hard not to laugh about this for me as it was happening. It was either laughing at it and not letting it get to me or balling my eyes out like my first instinct would want. So i chose to laugh ABOUT it not at it.

I know we will have more of these. It is the nature of the beast sort of speak. But until then diabetes can eat me. Sans the beer can shoved up my ass.

However the way i golfed today it sure felt like i had two of them stuck up there.

These are my brotha's from UPS. (well 1 Brotha and two Brothers). If there are a few good things i could draw from my time there would definitely be the friendships i developed with the people there. They are great people, great family guys, hard workers and most of all great friends.

So that's it for now i am going to go stand under a cold shower as it was 37 Celsius on the course today and needless to say i have Shweddy Balls. Then off to the Keg (my fave) for supper with the girls.

**** EDIT******

OK..back from the Keg now. I was attacked, but i think i got the better of him in the end.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Thanks Luke

So the tournament is over. We didn't win. But did place in the top 6! Awesome!
Luke headed home quickly after his round. To be home for a few weeks before the tour starts up again in Montreal.
I felt he could have won this tournament today. He had his head in it, his swing was good, and his putting was on fire. However not enough today. But he will win. This is his rookie season and has a lot of golf ahead of him.
As for my caddying career, it will be put on hold until next July. But until then i will be hitting the squat rack and doing many calf raises in preparation for a solid performance for the 2008 Free Press Open.
Good times Luke. Thanks for the week.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Canadian Tour

So if you have been visiting my site this past couple of weeks you may have noticed a new link on my blog roll (the blogs i read); Luke Swilor. Shortly after starting my blog a year and a half ago i luckily ran across his blog. I was fascinated being a golf nut of sorts and reading his blogs about his road to making the PGA tour.

So this past spring he won a full exemption to the Canadian Tour. I was smitten that he made it. I congratulated him and was excited to read about the coming season. So then it dawned on me that the tour comes through Winnipeg every July for the Winnipeg Free Press Classic. It is one of the more prestigious tournaments on the tour and a good one to win as they go on a break for 4 weeks after.

So i emailed him a couple of weeks ago and offered him to accommodations at our house and for me to caddy for him. He declined on the staying here, very understandingly, but took me up on my volunteering my time to caddy for him for the four days.

If you read his blog the last three posts will describe his time here and his golf game. As for me this was one of the most amazing experiences i have encountered so far. Being inside the ropes at a professional golf better does that get. I will tell you. Carrying one of the top ten players of the weeks bag. Over the weekend the galleries got a little larger and expected to be larger tomorrow as it is the final day.

One thing for sure is the caddies on TV make that job look a hell of a lot easier than it really is. However i think i had the easier task out of the two of us. Luke has a great head on his shoulders and works hard at his game. I know because of that, tomorrow will be good to him. I feel this is his day. He has some ground to make up but will finish strong.

Wish us luck and follow him if you can. Follow us here, and choose live leader board. I am sure to post his result soon after.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's a Date

Emma had her fist dinner date last night.
His name is Pason. He lives next door.
He could be one of the most adorable little guys.
Adorable enough to belong on this DOC.
So here they are:

He is a strong little dude.
Emma is sure safe when he is around.

Time for a test and a little supper.
Do all boys like ketchup on their carrots?

Let's go upstairs and apply some cream onto each other.
Lucky boy, one day you will appreciate this picture.

...but not this one.

No less they did have a great time. So did we. It was a pleasure having Emma's first stay over with such great manners and compassion towards her. He is a great little dude.

I contemplated on talking about her soaring numbers throughout the day. I contemplated on walking around here looking for someone to lean on. But instead i found that someone to lean on within her. She has always been and continues to be my hero. She took her test as you see without hesitating or flinching. She knows she has to eat her carbs. Even mentioning it to Pason that she is eating her carbs.

Good for you Emma. Your my baby girl. I love you.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Second Honeymoon

We had to correct for the past few nights. This is new to us. But what we are learning is Emma's symptoms when she is high. We are talking about 23 (414) lastnight at around 1am. And the other two nights previous.
So on the fourth day is when we will change the dose of NPH in the morning.
Her daytime numbers have been spot on with the dosage of rapid.
Hey was nice knowing you. I hope you go and find someone elses family and help make the introduction to this disease how you made it for us. Thanks. Pfft.
I feel we are in for some good times.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I hate when the JDRF staff rigs the walk with trip wire and boobie traps.