Sunday, July 22, 2007

Birthday lows can be treated with chicken.

I highly suggest grabbing a can of beer. Drinking half of it. Rubbing oil on a 4 pound chicken. Rubbing your spice rub all over it. Cranking the chickens orifice over the can of beer and cooking it on indirect heat for 1 hour. Then i suggest eating it.

Absolutely the best way to cook a chicken in the summer.

Birthday today. I am 21 (sort of, kind of). And for my birthday i gave. I gave treatment to our first night time low. Emma's BG's have been increasing as you all know. But now they are digging their sharp little teeth in letting us know that they will be around from now on.

However one good thing came out of this low. Emma must think we are the best parents in the world! Like as if her other friends parents would wake her up at 12am to MAKE her eat smarties. It was hard not to laugh about this for me as it was happening. It was either laughing at it and not letting it get to me or balling my eyes out like my first instinct would want. So i chose to laugh ABOUT it not at it.

I know we will have more of these. It is the nature of the beast sort of speak. But until then diabetes can eat me. Sans the beer can shoved up my ass.

However the way i golfed today it sure felt like i had two of them stuck up there.

These are my brotha's from UPS. (well 1 Brotha and two Brothers). If there are a few good things i could draw from my time there would definitely be the friendships i developed with the people there. They are great people, great family guys, hard workers and most of all great friends.

So that's it for now i am going to go stand under a cold shower as it was 37 Celsius on the course today and needless to say i have Shweddy Balls. Then off to the Keg (my fave) for supper with the girls.

**** EDIT******

OK..back from the Keg now. I was attacked, but i think i got the better of him in the end.


Shannon said...

Oh my, I saw your comment on my blog making fun of my son's shweddy tenticles.

And OMG, I have SO much to say about this post and it includes comments on:

violating chickens
racist remarks

and a comment about Emma and her diabetes that should be separate from all of the other grownup subjects.

but I must save it for another day, Russell, er I mean, Chris. I've already taken up enough room here.

Have a great birthday with Denise and Emma.

Jamie said...

Besides the shitty night - sounds like you've had a great birthday :) Can shoved up the ass and all!

I can't believe you went golfing today though - that's dedication for you. I can hardly breathe out there let alone anything requiring physical activity of any sort (but then again, I'm well insulated ... three strikes against me!).

Enjoy the Keg - YUM!!! My favourite restaurant in town - best steaks EVERRR.

Have fun with your girls :D

Jenn said...

Happy bday Chris. Amy called you this morning on behalf of my house. She left a message on your cell phone.

Chris said...

How do you know the chicken didnt like it?
Everyone needs a "brotha/er"
I think i integrated everything quite smoothly.
And finally thanks for the birthday wishes!

as you know i golfed like was scorching and humid but it was one of the funnest rounds in a long time.
Doe you comment on my facebook mean your in next weekend? Let me know for sure.

i did get the message on the way home this aft. that was nice of you thank you very much.

Jenn said...

OMG Chris!! Are you sure you came out on top?? That fucker is huge!!!

Vivian said...

Chris you are so awesome, I love your posts. Happy Birthday!! "21" is a great age to be. lol Looks like you enjoyed your day with golf and lobster, yum! But dude you did not invite all of us? What is up with that?

So sorry about Miss Emma's low in the night. D kids have the best night time snacks. We got funny looks when we picked up a rx for strips and insulin while purchasing ice cream. Gotta love it.

The picture of the chicken for some reason made me think of Chris Farley and then when I got down to the "Shweddy Balls" I about lost it laughing.

You are the best and I hope you have a year to match.

Jamie said...

Dood - you just don't read my blog anymore, do you??!! (yeah, i'm giving you a hard time on your birthday old man!) LOL LOL.

And DAMN that lobster looks like it could eat YOU!! Holy shit dood! I think you could have named it (pinchy ?) Oy - I hope you shared (with everyone else in the restaurant....) hee hee. Sounds like you had a great day.

And yes - I AM going to be in wpg next weekend. Wrote about it in my comments on my BLOG ....

Email me ... we'll talk ... and all that jazz.

Glad you had a good day .... 21 is indeed a good age to be at ... I happen to be 21 myself ... I think a lot of us OC'ers are 21 .. what a coincidence!

Happy B-day brotha!

Anonymous said...

We in New England, salute you.

Where's your bib?

Shannon said...

Grrrr....I HATE when Blogger turns me into Anonymous.

Carey said...

Nice lookin' bird. Though a real man would then take the can out after it's accumulated all that fat and grease and gristle and just chug it.

Happy Birthday.

Penny said...

I'm glad you could laugh at the nighttime low. Might as well, crying won't change anything.

Riley was drinking Gatorade in the middle of the night last night.

And, happy birthday to you and your sweddy balls.