Monday, July 30, 2007

Gluten Free Supper

Even though our supper was gluten free, it was full of laughs, good company, great conversation, and 3 adoroable little girls.

Thanks for a great evening Jamie and next time i will plan on stocking a few more beers in my fridge instead of bolting out the front door to do an undercover beer run.


Jamie said...

Chris - thank you so much for your hospitality! We enjoyed yesterday so much :) And, somehow ??, I think you've got two little groupies now ... it's all about Emma and Chris - nevermind poor Denise that catered to their every whim!! (that's ok Denise ... I'll be your groupie ;) ). I think I fell in love with Denise right about when she offered up the gluten free cookies for us. *sniff sniff* no one but my mom does that for us!!

Also, wanted to thank you for my husbands beer/steak farts. Boy - did he get us good in the elevator at the hotel after! Poor Brooke had to cover her face with her stuffed animal for an air filtre. I think I had tears in my eyes .... (and they weren't tears of love ....).

Now the invitation is ours - you know what to do :) We look forward to seeing you all again!


Shannon said...

Aww, too bad you all live so far away....I'd like to be included :( But I think it's great that you all get along so well the same way you do on the blogs. That's a good thing (to quote Martha).

Chris said...

it was my pleasure. And yes i figured i had a couple of fans after that day. I am just as big of a fan of them too. They are very good kids. Extremely well behaved, polite, and adorable as all. I didnt want to let Danielle go!
I thought i smelled something a while after you guys left, i thought it was the hog plant down the road, but thanks for clearing that up. Good Job Vince.
Hope to see you all soon. Take care till then.

Shannon...We almost included you our CNBC didnt air your interview. We were stoked that it didint. But instead we shared stories and gossip about you.