Sunday, March 26, 2006


Does anyone else think carrot top is hotter than before?

Shock Absorber fun.

What came first?

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Here are some of the words i would like to use this weekend
Droves, Hiney, Finished, Opiate

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Use chains on sand barrels please

Here's one for yous guys. Driving down Portage Avenue this mid morning. Seeing a lady walking westbound on the north side of Portage talking on her cell phone. Just near the UPS store. I then noticed a "man" lurking behind her. Seriously he was lurking, as in tip toe'ing behind her. And i was thinking to myself "he's not going to...he's not going to..." And sure as shit no sooner did he grab the ladies Cell off of her ear and out of her hand and vanished back into the bowels of where he came from.
All of this happened so fast. I could only react by pulling over a half of a block down and wait for the lady to come to me. We had a little chat. And life went on.
I felt so sorry for her. But it definatley could have ended worse.
Oh man.
Im puke tired of winter. Onlyif i was ready for summer. How come i feel stupid using a pay phone. But i guess no one can steal the pay phone from me midway through a converstation.
Im so done here. Its overtime week and i have no desire to do this.
So maybe one day again i will be inspired. But for now . I dont think its going to happen.
NITE all . Peace

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hey Snoopy

Hey dickehead talking on your bluetooth headset in the co-op gas station - screw you.

Hey ignorramma trying to do a 3 point turn while talking on your cell phone - screw you.

Hey dumb ass in the Buick turning out wide right so you can make a left turn around the corner - @%$###.

Hey rude lady look lift your head and acknowledge my existance or the fact that i brought you your paychecks after signing for it - $$%#@#.

Hey snoopy , snoopy hang on.


Monday, March 06, 2006

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Mission Impossible screw my spelling

It all started out with one of Denise's friends out on a date. So we were compelled.
Compelled to do what you ask?
Holy shit we were spies. Upon finding out the pertnanent information of the ETA and the location of the love in. We thwarted onward to begin our investigation.
About 4 years ago one of Denise's friends "came out". Then started in on the lesbo dating scene. The date started out at the Fyxx on Broadway. So we hunkered down at the starbucks accross teh street waiting for the perps to arrive at thier destination.
We both have bad eyes and really loud spy breathing so we had to get closer to see if they were there yet.
We were on either ends of Starbucks and started to smirk back and forth. You know like spies do. (Smirk now so you know what im talking about).
The smirking got addictive, but we had to carry on.
I heard in an archie comic that to make yourself not noticed you have to write a blog called the septic tank. Oh sorry thats not it. It is actually
the art of making yourself smaller than normal.
So we did our research on this and squated down.
Now were both smirking at each other and squating in starbucks.
I took the lead.
squirting out the front door onto broadway then she ( i wont use names anymore to protect our identities). Finding our way accross the street was not an option. So we had to
stay hunkered behind parked cars so we didn't look too suspicious.
My heart was pounding.
Then all of the sudden we noticed THE DATE.
Then after that it got really boring. I guess you can say "mission accomplished" ... go ahead say it.

If i had a mood ring on right now it would be tourqoise.

My Baba told me last week that her sunset is almost here.
I had to look at her with a blank look. I didnt know how to react to that.
We have so about 5 hard years to make up.
I am seeing her lots so that i dont have to say one day when she is gone or sick that i should have.
But one thing for certain i have seen numerous amazing sunsets in BC the past ten 20 or so years.
She can't even make herself a sandwich anymore her fingers are so screwed.
But i bet if Emma asked her to make her a sandwich she would.