Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Use chains on sand barrels please

Here's one for yous guys. Driving down Portage Avenue this mid morning. Seeing a lady walking westbound on the north side of Portage talking on her cell phone. Just near the UPS store. I then noticed a "man" lurking behind her. Seriously he was lurking, as in tip toe'ing behind her. And i was thinking to myself "he's not going to...he's not going to..." And sure as shit no sooner did he grab the ladies Cell off of her ear and out of her hand and vanished back into the bowels of where he came from.
All of this happened so fast. I could only react by pulling over a half of a block down and wait for the lady to come to me. We had a little chat. And life went on.
I felt so sorry for her. But it definatley could have ended worse.
Oh man.
Im puke tired of winter. Onlyif i was ready for summer. How come i feel stupid using a pay phone. But i guess no one can steal the pay phone from me midway through a converstation.
Im so done here. Its overtime week and i have no desire to do this.
So maybe one day again i will be inspired. But for now . I dont think its going to happen.
NITE all . Peace


Char said...

I can't believe someone would be so idiotic as to rip a phone away right from someone's ear as they're talking...what an asshole!

Don't stop blogging...I check every day for updates! Even just say hi or something. Or put a link if you don't have the energy to think about typing anything.

Or don't.


rubbing said...

No im not going to stop. Just a "lull" of sorts. Thanks Chal.

Cougarhunter said...

Hey! When are you going to update this bl.....

Oh. Nevermind.

All Nob said...

Let me take a wild stab at the suspect...

5' 8" - 6' tall
dark hair
dark eyes
baseball cap
black jacket

and as always...
native in appearance!

I love when they say that on the news... like they just can't say native.

I saw a billboard today, it said
"Be Original".

I thought it was one of Winnipeg's finest from dowtown trying to say Aboriginal "B'riginal". Kind of like when Big J say's whaaf for "what if".

Oh ya...

Cougarhunter said...