Sunday, August 06, 2006

It is my pleasure to send you...$100.00 .....for each of your children under six.

Thanks for the comment on my past blog STEPH!
I think you and cougarhunter are both missing the political forums that have been ignited on here before. However i must say that the extra $100.00 i am getting from our good friend Mr. Harper is helpipng with my golf game.
It comes in alot more handy than the
hundred Martin gave me.
And i am happy with how decisive and stern
he his with is thoughts and words on the issues going
on Overseas especially Kandahar. It seems to
me he is trying to morph
Canada out of that umm..."pussy image".
Please do not think for
one minute that i am at all open
to Bush and his followers. I still think he is an imbicile and a very scary man.
Kind of like that overdeveloped kid
in everyones grade 5 class that probably
had hair on his balls since grade 3 that everyone
was afraid of because of his unpredictability and
lack of direction. Then he became just a memory
of a person you want to kick in the face and
works at Foody Goody.
That was fun. Now off to research some
MLB games for today.
Have a great day.
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