Sunday, January 29, 2006


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I like to move it move it...i like to move it

Has anyone worked for a gay moving company? Not a gay one as a stupid dum dum one but a real one run by gay men? Well i thought not. I sure the heck have. One summer out on the west coast my cousin asked me if i would like to earn some extra cash and work with one of her friends moving funiture in office buildings downtown Vancouver. So im like "yo, thats sounds good...word"
I can't fully remeber the name of the moving company but thier slogan was something like "Let us move you in and out of the back door". There the gayness flag should have went off. So i met the crew onsite. I'm like cool these guys are young athletic and dress well. So cool i thought that i could make some new friends to hang with and go see the Canucks or some Ultimate Fighting with. But it wasnt until half way through the move during a break i saw one guy behind the other rubbing his arms firmly and sort of vigorously. I thought lucky guy that looks like it feels good. Oh crap thats it!!!! It does feel good!!! Then thats when i finally zoned in. As sad as it sounds once i figured it out my stupid little pointy nose tuned itself up. I became a snob. Thinking, im better than them because....because... WTF? Because im not gay?!?!?!! What a dummy. At least i didnt feel that way for very long. Especially after a few guys noticed that i was being really "gay" about the whole thing. So i guess a sence of selflessness and arogance came over me, it was like i was conditioned to react that way. From where? From who? And now we all know those answers.
To make a long story short i ended up having some of the best times with them aftyer i settled down. Ididnt work there very long (maybe because no one would rub my arms). But that was a nice way to condition yourself with the virtues and values of other people that they are not much difernt from myself.
Good bunch of guys, i miss them. Never thought i would say i miss my gay movers. I hear it is do this day one of the best moving companies in the GVA.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Glee Club

steve types with his hands

im a dude

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ha ha ha ha to this

The order is a little more clearer now

I ran into Cougarhunter this morning on his way to work. I waited until he got out of the Coffee shop then i jumped him. I quickly got him in a headlock and rammed his head into the Second Cup no parking sign. His head hid the sign with vengance so ilet go of him then he slid down to the pavement. He was moaning and blood was trickling out of his ear so i bent down to see if he was finished crying like a baby, but that is when he decided to grab the back of my head and knee me inthe nose. Fuck i hate when that happens. I took a couple steps back but he still had the upperhand, upper enough to grab the back of my turtleneck sweater and poor his steaming hot thermos full of coffee down my back.
When all this was happening a bunch of angry crows flew intomy truck and started eating my granola bar that i was saving until 11:17. Cougarhunter started to laugh hard. HArd enough that i saw a new wet spot form on the front of his pants and sort of a lump forming down his backside of his workpants.
Then i said i have to go now then he went and wiped his bumb then went to work.
What a way to start the day.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Game On

The past week i have been back on the ice. Just at the rink shooting around and getting into pick up games. Wow. Crap. I will never ever be how i was when i was 18. Or 23 for that matter. The last time i ever played organized was in Vancouver 7 years ago. And i thought that was bad. Look at me now Ma....i be a bag of ka ka. Before i got on the ice last week as far as i was concerened i was that 23 year old zippin and doodilin around flippen here zaggn there. Reality bites people. Not the case anymore. I couldnt even raise my head tonite to look at the other people on the ice. Embarassed? Yes. But more afraid i would lose my equilbrium and take a spill. I only got 45 minutes out of it tonite. Man....when we lived on Dunrobin. I would scarf down my dinner just to be at Bronx before 6:30.
I would grab my stick with one hand as i slipped it through the blades of my skates, grab my gloves wtih the other hand jump into my shoes then i would run the 3 or so blocks to the rink. See who was there. Wich most of my guys were or just getting in as i got in. Lace up...charge out onto rink 2 or 3 (rink one those days was offlimits, sacred ground i must say). Depending on the amount of snow, the amount of people, or how cold it was out it would dictate how my nite start out.
Regardless of those variables my nite at the rink would end in one of two ways.
One being playing games of "shinny" ( i always hated that word but im a dad now and i am supposed to use it) until the older dudes went home to whatever they did ( i know what that is now) and shot the puck around with two or three perenials, they were Karl, Gary, sometimes Tim. We did that until the lights went off at 10:15. But on the weekends we would boot inside at 10:00 and grab our shoes so we can stay out long after the lights were out and everyone was gone home.
The other being if we couldnt feel our toes, nose or fingers. Then we would call it a nite. Not until after i caked vasoline on my face, baby powder on my socks, and the will to stay out.
So now crazy thing 30 minutes into my "skate" i can't stop thinking about gong out for wings and beer. Oh how we change. Sometimes for the better but sometimes we just change.
I would give almost anything to meet the guys back there one day. And have one awesome go at an evening of old school community club hockey, gummy bears, friendship, laughs, and showing other people that this was our house.
Those are by far the most vivid memories of growing up. So simple so fun. I feel very lucky adn privilaged to have that in my life. Ill tell yous guys one thing that i do run the risk of living vicariously through my child(ren). And so be it, if she (they) can bring anything from sports through to life its a good thing.
Well thats it for now because im really tempted to blog about a gay accountant. And those words shouldnt be thougt about 10 minutes before bed. Oh great there now ive done it. My bad.

Monday, January 23, 2006


Jason Kenney, a Conservative representive for Calgary Southwest, just commented that Canadians have “chosen hope over fear”.
How ridiculously melodramatic of him. I thought that was kinda funny...sort of like this
Now maybe we can send a few thousand men and women to Iraq, were able to spare them since abortion is going to be illegal now. Eiyeieyeeee.
....aaaannnd Scene.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Fill it to the Rim With Brim

So finished my insane day at work. Done my last pick up. To start the day however we didn't leave the building until close to 10:00. In UPS terms that sucks. Sucked so bad that I barely had time to take a leak. Until 4:55pm when every thing was done except me relieving myself.
That changed very quickly when I gave in to the empty tropicana cranberry juice container boucning around on my dash. Well needless to say it wasn't empty for much longer. I haven't done this in a while so I grabbed it and went into the back of my "truck" which is parked on Provoncher and tache. Ripped the cap off inserted my doingy into it and started hearing the peeing angels sing my favorite song. But I noticed that it was filling up really fast...I mean too fast to think about anything else other than...."PINCH". Stream was stopped. I was faced with another dilemma. Where the hell am I going to put what is left in my dinky that has no way but out to go. Holding the once cold and refreshing juice now a warm frothy sesspool of germies i had to act fast. Fast enough so i would not risk any injuries or future complications. Thank Allah for UPS express pouches. Saved me once again. (yes I said ONCE again, but that other time is an entire different post).
So, lesson learned. That being use the express pouch first then the cranberry jar.
So as you can see im back from my business trip. It was successful but i cannot disclose any information at this moment. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

no more

No blog for a while. See you when i get back.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Trifecta

Three stellar things happend today.

1/2) I called in sick to work. I have to call in no more or no less than one hour before my start time. That really doesnt give me much of a window now does it? It felt like i was calling in to a radio station contest trying to be the first caller. In the end i got through.

1) Looked into showtimes for Kng Kong. Hyped as all hell to have lunch and plop my skinny ass down at Silver City with 15 other "call in's". So i caught the 12:15 show at Polo Park. Show actually started at 12:30. I heard tons about the show and havnet heard anything bad about it. So that in itself is setting it up for dissapointment. Not the case here my friends!!!!!!!!
Amazing! Brilliant! 10/10. Been a long time since i have been so convicted on how amazing a movie was.

2) I had the Pleasure of picking Emma up from day care. I swear to god it is the most amazing thing on earth. I've heard about it, i've read bout it, i have seen movies about it...but nothing like the experience of actually doing it. She actually runs to you behind a "walker" biggest ear to ear grin on her face breathing out of her nose. Pickng her up she starts to kiss you on your cheeks. Then with no hesitation she will give you the biggest tightest hug and tapps you on the back. I almost want to quit my job and have picking her up from daycare as my job.

3) Saw Bryan Adams at the MTS Center. Im pretty sure that i havent seen many better shows than the one he put on tonite. There is a guy who knows his roots and will always abide by them. I guess most of the people there tonite have "grown up" with him.

There you have it...The Trifecta! Oh yea i made a killer roasst beast but we wont count that or i would have to change my title to sometihng else like the "quadzilla"


Sunday, January 08, 2006

Goolge yourself

I am sure that everyone has googled their own name once or twice before. It brings a lot of anticipation and anxiety at the same time. In a sort you really want to see your name show up after a search. The last thing i really want to see is a new spelling suggestion of how i may have intended to search in the first place. My spelling correction/suggestion comes up as ..."Did you mean: Chris shestowsky "?. Shit! Not even minutely being considered for a spot in the google 's billion catrillion word search. Sort of disheartening but in a way really relieved. Im glad i haven't been exploited on the internet (yet). Or making the news in way i don't know about. It will be my goal in the next few years to infiltrate a google search in a progressive and non-exploitive manner.
Has anyone seen Less Than Zero ? Rober Downey jr. by far one of the best and most eccentric actors of our time. If the anyone who owns a movie theatre that has half of a brain should run a Robert Downey jr. marathon.
Well that's it for now. Gym in the am. Work all day. Eat at nite. Play with Daughter. Talk to Wife. Pooh. Eat again. Letterman. Fall asleep during monologue. Dream about rabbits, fish and pickle juice.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Tell me what the wisemen said.

I have been listening to james blunt for most of the day today. I first heard his single "Your beautiful" Ended up singing it all day. But it sucks i only know like 4 of the words in it. Amazing songwriting. It just paints such a vivid picture that everytime you hear the song i feel that something new happens. Very in depth. Maybe it is about someone who is still on love with Denise and knows they cant have her because she is mine. Another one of his tracks called "Goodbye my lover" This guy really sounds sad but he is expressing himself in his music effectively. I would say he is an effective songwriter.
Anyhow check it.
Crazy week at "the office". Why do i keep telling myself i hate what I am doing? Its so hard to think that at this point in time. So in that case i have to keep pushing forward so we can go where we need to go. That being buying a house. I want a house so fucking badly. Our goal is to start our plan this month just to get things going. Im sure once were past that first 1,000 it will become addicting to save.
Well im signing out gonna go watch some sports since Denise is out at a movie with Kelli. And Emma is peacefully in bed. As she has alot of changing to do and some other busy stuff so she needs all of the rest she can get. Ill kiss Emma for anyone who wants..just let me know.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Walrus

Near the end of a particularly trying round of golf, during which the golfer had hit numerous fat shots, he said in frustration to his caddy, "I'd move heaven and earth to break a hundred on this course."

"Try heaven," said the caddy. "You've already moved most of the earth."