Monday, December 18, 2006

We let in light and we banish shade

A Christmas Tag...thanks to the Pastors Daughter ;)!! Yes a warm and fuzzy feeling overcame me too just a little more than when someone comments on my blog.
My all time 5 top Christmas songs are:
1. Happy Christmas - John Lennon
2. Do They Know its Christmas - Live Aid
3. Feliz Navidad - Boney M
4. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Frank Sinatra
5. Winter Wonder Land - Annie Lennox
5.5 Hanukkah Song - Adam Sandler

Christmas is awesome. This one is extra special to boot. I am in turn tagging
My Sisters , Jamie , Shannon , Paul , Penny sorry if any of you have been tagged already. But i was tag happy.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Well thank you all for your warm birthday wishes for Emma yesterday. I'm pretty sure her day could not have been any better. With the two family parties, the phone calls, and the comments on yesterdays post its was indeed a special day. It has been a long time since i have been so excited for a birthday. And i am happy to be able to share it.

Her BG was more or less spot on yesterday considering cake, snacks, and other treats throughout the day. Just like any other 2 year old we monitor her no differently on what she takes from the table rationing her sweet intake. But unlike any other 2 year old if we see her number dip a little bit we will grab a higher sugar/carb item from the many on the table and make sure she eats it.

"Here you go Emma. Please eat this cupcake because you didn't eat all of your dinner. Yummy isn't it? Good girl" ;)

Regarding the article in the National Post. This one i read over and over. Normally i will just lightly skim over the research articles and get the jist of them. But this one was different. This one i know for a fact gives everyone a second wind with holding on to hope.

This is the season for Time Magazines Person of the Year. I always look forward to it. I find myself thinking what could i possibly do to get on the cover of this, what direction could i see myself going in to get there. But this year i finally made it. If you read the article you will find that we all have contributed to the way the world is now. I thought it was a brilliant choice myself.

The only good thing about a honeymoon phase it at diagnoses. It gives you this strong feeling that it could last forever in your circumstance. It gives you a few more moments to say goodbye as life as you knew it before without all the tests, syringes, carb counting etc.
This past couple of weeks we are seeing Emma wake up a little higher than in the past. We are seeing high 5's and low 6's. Instead of the regular low 4's and low 5's.
Some thing is telling us to hold on tight and dig in. Because we have an evermore challenging time with this yet to come. But i feel privileged and excited to have all of you on our side as we go through this.
"See you soon"

Friday, December 15, 2006

Zing Zing...

...that is the sound of this past two years flying by. Yes Emma is two today (Saturday). Two years ago to the day changed our lives as we know it. She came into our world with extreme force (that's how momma puts it).

I have always been proud of this entire Emma thing even before she was born. I was proud to tell people we were expecting. And yes i has my "chris-isms" and anecdotes regarding every stage.

I was definitely proud of my wife during her pregnancy of how meticulous she was in learning what was happening to her body and what is happening to what is inside her. She continued exercising and eating awesome.

I was of course proud of the day we were introduced to our little -uuhh hem- little big girl. 11 pounds 8 ounces. I knew we had something special on our hands.

Well anyway after the trip home from the hospital, the adjusting to our new guest, Mom's 9 months of Maternity/Parental leave and my 3 months parental leave, her first Easter, birthday, Christmas, tooth/ we are two years later and would do it all over again 100 times if i could.

I want to write more but i am just zapped from this past couple of weeks of working ...umm no not like a dog but more like a UPS man.

Take care all. I have been reading and keeping up on all of your blogs but have not been commenting. Sorry about that i just wanted to let you know i always think of you and your families but just haven't had time to respond.


Sunday, December 10, 2006

What's the Difference

It is evident that Emma is a truly special little girl. Not special in the fact that we have to keep her in a bubble or touch her softly so that she doesn't break in half. But special for the fact that she has something very different from the little girl playing next to her. Different from the little boy that just finished asking Santa for his Transformer for christmas. Is she is different in a very special way? Or very special in a different way?
I would prefer to say that she is special in a different way. But that is not how I look at her 100% of the time. I do not do it in a sad or poor her sort of way. I think it is just a natural feeling.
It is natural to think that waking your daughter up in the morning and get the equipment ready to draw blood out of her finger to get a number that will dictate how we all feel collectively, is different.
It is also natural to think that your daughter is different when you have to tell her to go find her fishy because i have to inject her with a determined amount of drugs that will allow her to funtion normally throughout the day.
It is natural to think differently about your daughter after leaving in the morning to get coffee and coming back peering into the front window see her not playing but laying on the floor and Mom crouched above her with a needle stuck in her arm.
Yes she runs. Yes she plays. Yes she giggles and laughs. But not without me thinking "oh thank god she is laughing, playing, giggling and laughing".
Will there be a day where i dont thank god that she doing this? And just let her be?
Emma will go through her life running. By the looks of it she will not slow down for anything. There may be times we have to hold her hand or even have to carry her for that matter. But for sure she will go through her life with ones that will hold her hand and carry her because one day we will need the same from Emma. And this will come natural to her.
Thank you Emma. Thank you for showing me the value of life. Thank you for showing me the meaning of love. Thank you for being strong.
You are the difference.
Daddy loves you.

Hi Cute. Thanks for being my daughter!