Monday, August 06, 2007

Saturday, August 04, 2007

A Mid-Summer NIght Classic

I remember my first drive in. Begging my parents to take me to KING KONG. And finally getting the go ahead and grabbing our pillows. Dressing in our jammies. Air so thick of anticipation of not knowing what to anticipate.
Cars gradually filling up the weedy gravel lot. Noticing the site looks about 100 years old (that was back in '77), but it didn't matter to the masses to would pull up to the best spot they can find. Then that was your spot. Your spot WAS the best spot.
Very very memorable.
I hope last night is going to be just as memorable and largely imprinted in Emma's mind as much as it was mine. I sure will remember our time last night forever.

The site (Not like the "site" pumpers refer to):

The "THREE" of them in the back (yes you can read between the lines on that one, and I'm not including the care bears in that statement):

Me, yes genuinely happy because of the the the fact the Simpson's movie is starting once that darn sun goes down (Emma happy because shewas just dosed down from 23 (414) and feeling much better:


Oh was Emma's first full week/full days at her "Big Girl Daycare".

It has been quite the adjustment. Not only because of her her new days but because of her new days of her pancreas not producing any insulin at all. So as we are thrusted into another phase of her management we are presented with a tonne of variables that we have just been reading, and hearing about since last September. So much to say and report on. So other than missing my cutoff for my sports picks i am looking forward to mustering up a post about this soon.

Thanks for listening/reading.

Take care!!