Saturday, June 06, 2009

A + B = C

It was a cold and miserable winter.
Good thing i had my girls.
Anna grew like a weed and Emma just kept on getting more spectacular.

I do not know what was colder...the weather or Emma's scowl.

Renovations started in our outdated rec-room.
Once i came this far there was no turning back.

Really...what the heck did i get myself into.
This job should only have taken 2 weeks -
But with kids...and life happening it went into the three month range

Vapor barrier...2x4 studded walls...were getting there...

There were quite a few moments of overwhelm-ness. I became handy this past year when i got some quotes from contractors to do simple things. I probably saved $2-3,000 at the end of it all. And as a Ukrainian that is gold to me.

Meanwhile during the bitterness of -40 C and the disaster downstairs...Emma and Anna found some things to do. They are best friends (so far).

Getting there.

My "baby".

My Princess.

She loves doing things with her hands. Just like her daddy. Get a pen and paper some scissors and a mindful of ideas and creativity she can do anything.

Happy 1st birthday Anna! (sorry about the hat).
She is FULL of personality. I cannot help but smile ear to ear when i hear, see, or think of her.
She is not walking yet. I really do not want her to...she is a VERY busy woman! Absolute polar opposite of Emma. This is what makes them so great.

'POOF' - Done! Yea right. Almost 3 1/2 months later.

I am pretty happy with it.

Almost perfect.

Relax....?!?!?!.....ummm no....

Yard sale. The walk is next week so we decided to have this to raise money. Friends and family mostly donated stuff to us to sell. There are a great handful of people in our lives that really make a difference when we reach out.
Doing things like this is still very emotional to myself. Organizing anything to do with this chokes me up but that keeps me going in a sense. I feel privileged to be involved with a first class Charity.

All because. I love you Princess.