Wednesday, December 28, 2005

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Corruption Keeps Us Warm

I saw Syriana this evening with Pete. We got into the theatre with time to spare. The seating was filling up pretty fast. I had to ask a guy to move over so that we can sit together. He was pretty upset with the fact that i asked him to give up not one but two of his HOMO seats. But much to his shigrin he moved over. To the aisle seat. But in comes a handicapped woman in a wheelchair or she was just lazy but ill assume she was handicapped. Her husband asked two ladies on the end of our row if they can find different seats since the seats they were sitting in were designated for wheelchairs and they looked at him like he had a penis growing out of his head. Stupid prudes looking at each other with absolute confusion why they wouild have to move. ug.
I looked at Pete and said i guess were looking for new seats and gave up ours to them. But then i turn around and noticed there were just singles left. Or HOMO seats if you will. But it all worked out i saw Syriana and Pete had to go and see Harry Potter. Shit thats a long movie i think he is still there.
As for the movie i saw it was pretty good. Like pretty good to rent. I didnt think it "needed" to be seen on the big screen. A dramatic thriller wich has at least 5 different stories but all tied into one another. Well done. But im sure if you are any type of history buff or political information monger it may have some inconsitancies. But i ejoyed it because it confused me at first but i feel i figured it out so i felt smart for a few minutes. Until i had to go look for peter in 7 different theatres.
I got 7 out of 8 Basketball games tonite. And got new pillows for christmas so im going to go test them out.


Sunday, December 25, 2005

False Creek

I had chocolate brownies and steak for breakfast this morning. Good times. But now i am sitting here listening to Z-95 from vancouver reminissing and wanting to go back to badly. Mabye one day we will. THe west coast has alot to offer. Especially trucking around doing day to day chores with out freezing your azz. Good for if i want to do UPS out there too. Just a rain jacket maybe possibly long johns but maybe for just a few days here and there. Im sick of my hands splitting, face freezing, and carrying around a rasin sack for 6 months out of the year. Hey who knows if we move out there we may be closer to cougarhunter, because he is going to move to calgary. There its out in the open you HAVE to go.

Christmas But now with a different twist. The twist being ex-fricken-hausting. I think next year we will have everyone at one place on one night. I mean everybody. Condense the 3days into one. With that it will enable people to rest and recoup and reflect from the crazee year.

Hey do we all hate Paris HIlton? I think we all should. Just watch her porn video and then forget about her.

This was the best year for gifts. Easily. But the challenge is for the next few years is not to lose or get any of my christams gifts stolen. It goes something like this:
Sony Playstation2 - Robbed
Mp3 Player - Stolen ..thats the same thing as robbed
Back Massager - in hiadus at 3 Donald must call him to get it back. A dude took it when he was feeding our fish when we hightailed it out of that hole.
Video Game watch - I lost that behind our fridge on Dunrobin. I guess i didnt lose that because i know/knew were it is/was.
Electric Shaver - battery is dead too cheap to get a new one.
THats just for starters.

Sorry if i there is alot of typ=o's but emma smeared my glasses and im so flippen lazy this weekend im not going to clean them.

I like stuff.

James blunt is cool.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

True events

me: "greetings" peering over a pile of boxes
customer: "oh our office hours" are 8:00 til' 4:30
me: "hi how are you"
customer: "are you purolator"
me: looking at my brown coat, brown pants, and brown turtle neck ... "what?"
customer: "are you....oh"
me: ya i got 3 for you here
customer: where are they from?
me: thinking to myself i dont give a shit where they are from but but i should really say purolator and that they are getting really fucking heavy...but instead i say "your shipper do you want them or not?"
customer: put them there... pointing to a desk 30 miles from where we are standing
me: "i was hoping i could put them over there" on my ay back i dig into her candy dish. "wow these taste way better than they look"
customer: yea they kinda look like ...umm..err....
me: TURDS , have a good eveining

Sunday, December 18, 2005


I know everyone has had terrible horrible no good very bad days. But not everyone knows what to do about them. Do i sit here and stew in it? Do i drink to make the pain go away? NO NO NO....I click on this link and some how you know everything will be cool.
Happy Hollidays

Saturday, December 10, 2005


My mind has never been so blown out of its shell as much as it has this past year. Holy crapola i have a baby girl that is turning one year old next week. That is totaly insane in the membrane. I mean exaclty a year ago today it was just the two of us totally oblivious of what was about to happen. Technically we knew we were going to have a baby and things are going to change a little bit. Holy shit were we out of it. Who the heck knew it would be this way. Not a breath goes by without thinking of her. Not one decision is made without her in mind. No converstaion happens without getting her involved one way or another.
No less than a year ago could she breath without her mother, not even a year ago can she open her eyes, not even a year ago could she make a peep. But less than one year later she talks, schooches, sings, colors, laughs, cries, eats, sits, and stands. Im dead serious after she took her crayon out of her mouth tonite she started "coloring" with it. Then at that moment the realization that we have a little daughter on our hands became alot more intense.
Emma has done something to me. She has made me her Dada. Just one year into it and the surprises are countless.
I was talking to Scott today and i feel his miracle is on its way. THe way he talks about how much him and Sandra want to start trying again gets me so excited for him. Because when it happens for them i want to share in that incredible journey to sit there in the hospital with him and tell him "I told you so". He will understand what i mean. Because until it happens to you, you have no clue. I wish everyone can experince this. With saying that i hope that one day one of the condoms Steve uses has a hole in it.
In a weird contradicting way i dont want Emma to turn one. Sheesh that means all that has happend, just happend. And now commited to memories and pictures. What happens when she does turn one. I dont want to foget that little crown on her head she had when she cam out of Mama. I want to still feel her face on my neck when she used to nap. And how can we not see her do those quasi sit ups she used to do to check everything out when she was three months old. Ah screw it ww will just have five more kids.
Well thats it for now. For now i mean. This is sort of turning into a journal more than anything. But is it your blog ????? No its mine so back off.


This movie is based on the events of the massacre during the 1972 Olympics held in Munich Germany. Steven Spielberg has once again dug deep into a subject that was so devastating and earth shattering for the moment and years to come. But since has fallen to the wayside because many other media attention grabbing events have happened since then. He has an uncanny ability to explore through true events of certain parts of our history and bring them back to make it seem like they were just occurring. Thus making people aware and care for what has happened once again. Be it for only a day week or month. These type of epics change peoples lives for just an instant. I am interested in seeing how many people that were not affected by some of our events in history and have seen these movies but then try to make a decision to make a difference. I bet you dollars to doughnuts that it is I a really small percentage that do so. So small infact that it becomes a thing of the past quicker than it did before. Im expressing this because these filmmakers and actors of the like think they are doing something godlike and mortal by making these films. News is that they are not. But in the end all they are doing is entertaining us and giving us a history lesson at the same time. Oh yea...and making a shitload of deneros as well.
With saying that this is going to be an extremely entertaing and emotional movie. You cannot go wrong with Speilberg behind this. Eric Bana and Geoffrey Rush lead this story of what happens next after the 11 Israli athletes were murdered.
I will pay the 8.50 to see this, heck i may even buy a small popcorn too. Sit back, relax and get involved with the negotiations and compromises with this show.
But this is nothing compared to how excited i am to see KONG. I almost crapped my pants when i saw the trailer. That would be ironic because i almost peed my pants when i saw King Kong at the drive-in with my parents 26 years ago.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


So Emmas first week at daycare was lastweek. snice then she has donned a horrible cold, a diaper rash, and frostbitten cheecks. However every night when i came home she was in incredible spirits. I have never seen her so happy and energetic for such a constant period of time. It seems like something has "clicked" in her lil baby brain of hers allowing her to realize that life has so much to offer. Always exploring, talking, laughing, observing, crawling, scooching. It really makes you revert back to your basic needs as a human being, doesnt it?
I mean we get so caught up in what the hell we are going to wear, what are we doing tonite, my car doesnt run good, i wish i had a nicer house, so and so said this and that about him or her. Like shit people take a lesson from a one year old. Relax. To cliche or not to cliche...ok i will ... LIfe is too damn short. Too short not to love what you have and not care about what you dont have. I fight with this narley emotion everyday of my life one way or another. Really in the end i know what is right and i know what i have. I love it. You must love it. Slow down, enjoy. This is especially going to be hard in the next few weeks because we are goong to be clamourd with polititions lieng to us when we wake up and fibbing even more when we go to sleep. Sucking the joy and happiness out of the season. But lets collevtively not let this happen as easily as it could. Don't protest, don't point fingers, don't get lost in the right or the left.
A better place to be on the floor still in your uniform after a 10 hour day with your baby girl's snotty nose staining your shirt and giving you kisses that can melt a May 14th blizzard to nothing.
So lets eat drink and be happy this season. Lets spend less and less time in the malls. Indulge in all of the greatest things you can think of. Ill tell you one thing. If i had a dorsal fin i would be 6'4 but i dont so im only 6'0.
Bye for now.

A test

If a boy is 4 years old and his sister is 3 times as ols as he is. When the boy is 12 how old will the sister be?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Humans, cockroaches and the Law of Physics

As i fumble with two computer boxes, two little shit jack russel terriers pop around behind the lady doing her best to hold her front storm door open. One finally finds a portal to the landing of the front steps. I start to wonder is this the second time in as many years that im going to have a 15 pound half breed hangin off of my calf. Needless to say he woulndt get much off my tootypickers anyhow. But that is totally besides the point. So just as this is going through my head the ladys duaghter in the back ground gives a shout out "git...git...git in here now....". Of course this eased my mind just enough to turn this entire situation around in her face. I then look up to her with the most skewed scowl on my face and responding to her, "OK..OK..just a second, im coming". We shared a laugh. We shed some tears. Then it was time for me to leave.

Well if im feeling delightful later i will post again. But for now i will become one of those people who look at the TV when The Office is on.


Sunday, December 04, 2005

In no particular order

Well here it is. The uncontrollable urge to blog has finally become a reality. I have more or less fluked into this because I wanted to tell someone I peed my pants after drinking Absinthe on my 30th birthday party. Since he exploited the fact that he was punched in the face after drinking this hanus liquid.
My sister has pushed me into this as well. She writes about family mostly and it seems to be a good way to catch up with her and what is going on in her life. However I'm sure there is alot of fat trimming when she posts. Right J? So I was wondering if you say "something is out of whack". I would like to know why don't people say "something is in whack" respectfully? Just an obscure thought I had.
I know as I find my rhythm in here my bloggin will get a little more delectable. But for anyone to enjoy it they have to know something about me. I am assuring myself too, that I will find a lot about myself in here too. Please stay tuned i really want to script in here about my awesome family as well for starters. Those lucky people who do visit soon will get to see pictures and hear stories of Emma and da Wife Denise. Im pretty sure she cannot get anymore awesome.
So that's it for now but I strongly urge everyone to rub their eyes when needed and please don't feel any guilt or remorse for doing so.