Saturday, December 10, 2005


This movie is based on the events of the massacre during the 1972 Olympics held in Munich Germany. Steven Spielberg has once again dug deep into a subject that was so devastating and earth shattering for the moment and years to come. But since has fallen to the wayside because many other media attention grabbing events have happened since then. He has an uncanny ability to explore through true events of certain parts of our history and bring them back to make it seem like they were just occurring. Thus making people aware and care for what has happened once again. Be it for only a day week or month. These type of epics change peoples lives for just an instant. I am interested in seeing how many people that were not affected by some of our events in history and have seen these movies but then try to make a decision to make a difference. I bet you dollars to doughnuts that it is I a really small percentage that do so. So small infact that it becomes a thing of the past quicker than it did before. Im expressing this because these filmmakers and actors of the like think they are doing something godlike and mortal by making these films. News is that they are not. But in the end all they are doing is entertaining us and giving us a history lesson at the same time. Oh yea...and making a shitload of deneros as well.
With saying that this is going to be an extremely entertaing and emotional movie. You cannot go wrong with Speilberg behind this. Eric Bana and Geoffrey Rush lead this story of what happens next after the 11 Israli athletes were murdered.
I will pay the 8.50 to see this, heck i may even buy a small popcorn too. Sit back, relax and get involved with the negotiations and compromises with this show.
But this is nothing compared to how excited i am to see KONG. I almost crapped my pants when i saw the trailer. That would be ironic because i almost peed my pants when i saw King Kong at the drive-in with my parents 26 years ago.

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Jenn said...

Would crapping your pants be something new?? I dont go to movies very often but I too would pay to see MUNICH. I watched the trailer on and it looks great. Kong on the other hand not one I would intentionaly go out to see but if I did I am sure I would like it. The movie that I cant wait to see is Superman!! I watched the trailer on and I really got goose bumps. 6 sleeps until someone is 1!!!!!!!!!!!