Sunday, April 22, 2007

Excuse me while i take a dump

Try blowing this out of proportion if you can.

Finally the sun and heat has encroached into our beautiful city. Allowing us to dust off the bikes, balls, and bar-b-q's. Ahhh summer...screeech...not so fast cowboy mother natures muffles. We all have to remember the violent snow storm that hit us 2 years ago this coming may 14th. But let us not all live in that fear.

So onward we go. Onward to our first bike ride of the year. Emma gets fastened into her seat that sits in the crotch of Mom's sport check special bike. And i pull out my Diamondback Copperhead equipped with NEX suspension forks,hayes solo disc brakes, and ncs performance crankshaft. Oh lord this is a sweet ride.

Oh i forgot to mention one slightly under inflated front tire. Damn those get you all the time.

So on the first leg of our journey Emma and Mom are ahead of me enjoying what you should on a bike ride with the family. But i am a little behind just doing a once over on my kick ass ride. Bouncing the front shocks-check, front break pressure-check, rear brake pressure-check. All is good!

Mom and Emma are still ahead of me turning left on a path with a lady pushing her child in a stroller. The lady stops, lets the girls by, and i follow as they are turning left i start my turn and being the diplomat i am i offer my thanks and excuse us as we pass. It went like this:

Me "hi, excuse u . s." ........oooaahhh hpmph scrape crash skid. Front tire going its own way and me going hard to the ground.

Lady "are you OK?" Emma starts crying, momma starts laughing and i look up at the lady with my sunglasses only covering one eye and the other part on my forehead, leg under the bike, and say:
"I am OK .....but my Pride is a little hurt" (i have always wanted to use that line)
But why would at that moment I get up as if nothing happened and continue my ride inconspicuously?
Maybe she would forget what happened.
Maybe i was just thinking all of this.
Maybe the blood running down my hand and my daughter Crying is a figment to me.

Ok that was slightly embarrassing.
But within moments we both had tears on our eyes we were laughing so damn hard.

Happy gay times.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Walk the Talk

I have mentioned before that i have been to two JDRF walks in the past. And you know that was about the extent of it. I was there. I didn't know much about the day, the people, or the disease. But now i know why I am there. My life and interests seems to have taken on a entire new purpose. I am now an advocate for Juvenile Diabetes.

Before last months seminar on the teen brain (mentioned in earlier post). Both me and Denise would be unsure on how to approach Emma's diabetes to family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. But after being involved with this the past 6 or so months we have realized that it is safe and necessary to educate people about this. I do not hesitate anymore when discussions about family comes up or health related conversations arise. I know i need to interject and advocate for my daughter, family and friends who have all been affected by Diabetes.

Last week we were blessed with Emma's blood sugars being sureal'ly weird. Weird in terms of too perfect. Every morning i tested her at 7:30 her fasting sugar was 5.6. Yes!....Monday to Friday 5.6! It is amazing what can happen when everyone pulls together. Mom, Auntie Linda (daycare), and myself. I feel those numbers are out there for the taking. And at this point there is no reason why we cannot obtain those type of numbers on a day to day basis.

This may be a type of self affirmation. But i am writing this today on here because i believe those who read this will notice the type of work it takes raising a child with TYPE 1. And i know you all do know and go through it day to day in one capacity or another.

Please understand the impact that this online community has had on our attitude and outlook on this disease. It is not only the day to day that affects us on here it is what does Emma have in store for her down the road. Who will be her support. How will she manage her life.

It is essential that we surround ourselves with people who understand, and with people who want to understand.

Yesterday at the JDRF walk kick off we were surrounded by amazing people who care. They do not only care about their situation but want to be there for everyone else. It is nice to be a part of the masses who channel their energy the same way we do.

The problem with not posting in a long time is that there is so much to say i end up not really saying anything. I want to still be a part of this community and your lives so i owe it to you this to post more often. I like reading your stories, your daily struggles and most importantly your daily triumphs.