Sunday, April 08, 2007

Walk the Talk

I have mentioned before that i have been to two JDRF walks in the past. And you know that was about the extent of it. I was there. I didn't know much about the day, the people, or the disease. But now i know why I am there. My life and interests seems to have taken on a entire new purpose. I am now an advocate for Juvenile Diabetes.

Before last months seminar on the teen brain (mentioned in earlier post). Both me and Denise would be unsure on how to approach Emma's diabetes to family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. But after being involved with this the past 6 or so months we have realized that it is safe and necessary to educate people about this. I do not hesitate anymore when discussions about family comes up or health related conversations arise. I know i need to interject and advocate for my daughter, family and friends who have all been affected by Diabetes.

Last week we were blessed with Emma's blood sugars being sureal'ly weird. Weird in terms of too perfect. Every morning i tested her at 7:30 her fasting sugar was 5.6. Yes!....Monday to Friday 5.6! It is amazing what can happen when everyone pulls together. Mom, Auntie Linda (daycare), and myself. I feel those numbers are out there for the taking. And at this point there is no reason why we cannot obtain those type of numbers on a day to day basis.

This may be a type of self affirmation. But i am writing this today on here because i believe those who read this will notice the type of work it takes raising a child with TYPE 1. And i know you all do know and go through it day to day in one capacity or another.

Please understand the impact that this online community has had on our attitude and outlook on this disease. It is not only the day to day that affects us on here it is what does Emma have in store for her down the road. Who will be her support. How will she manage her life.

It is essential that we surround ourselves with people who understand, and with people who want to understand.

Yesterday at the JDRF walk kick off we were surrounded by amazing people who care. They do not only care about their situation but want to be there for everyone else. It is nice to be a part of the masses who channel their energy the same way we do.

The problem with not posting in a long time is that there is so much to say i end up not really saying anything. I want to still be a part of this community and your lives so i owe it to you this to post more often. I like reading your stories, your daily struggles and most importantly your daily triumphs.


Shannon said...

You may be gone (for days at a time) but you are not forgotten!!

MileMasterSarah said...

Your blog has really touched me, and I want you to know that. Your most memorable post, for me, was writing about giving Emma the novolog for the first time. I cried through it as I know one day I will have to do that with Gracie. I think you should post however much you need, but your contribution to the OC and the public will never go away. Your voice is that important. Imagine the family's that are newly diagnosed that happenstance across your blog? What a wonderful inspiration your famliy is.

Chris said...

Thanks Shannon, as long as im not remebered for squirrel nuts.

Thank you for your kind comment. It is nice to know that i do have an impact somewhat on here. I have absolutely nothing but respect for you and all that are involved with this OC. I always love reading your posts and of course your comments on here.
Thank you so much.

Shannon said...

Chris, with your fine, detailed writing, that squirrel nut story is seared into my memory.

Jamie said...

I was wondering if you were going to be at the kick off yesterday :) I wish we had the money to hold one here *sigh*. Oh well, hopefully someday. :)

That is fabulous about Emma's numbers - god how I wish it would be like that for us. You're definitely doing something right and you deserve a big pat on the back for that.

Just curious - what's your teams name called this year?? And I'm happy to hear that Jenn is making it out for the walk - this year will be truly memorable for all of you, because this time -it's personal. I bawled at the opening ceremonies here last year - I think it was the culmination of so many things - worry about my child, having friends and family pull together for my little girl and all others with Type 1, meeting with others going through the same thing as us - the words of encouragement and the general feeling of "Yes, I KNOW what you mean" when you were speaking of the disease.

Too bad our walks are on the same day - I would have loved to have walked on Emma's team too :D Maybe next year our commitee and the office in Wpg can avoid this and we can support one another on our big day :) And post whenever you can - I know it's hard sometimes - you guys are busy :)

Hoppy Easter!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Hey Chris,

You & your family are always a part of our family here. And blogging should never be an added stress. You should never feel stressed out about posting or not posting. Do it when you can and when you feel like it.

We'll always be here.

It is really powerful to participate in those types of events. There is so much energy in the air you can almost touch it!

Carey said...

I agree with Scott. Say what you want when you want. Great news about Emma's kick-ass numbers. Also, it's great that you're involved in the walk. Heartwarming when you see so many fighting for the same cause. I'm just starting to mobilize our forces for Charlie's Angels' 4th walk.

All Nob said...
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Chris said...

Thanks guys. I dont necessarily stress out about posting. I just like to communicate with you all.
Yea were totally getting stoked for the walk in June. Everytime i am in the room with the masses something comes over me it is very overwhelming but peacefull in the same breath.
Emmas team is "Team Emma" with the theme of Dora exploring for the cure. I am privilaged to have our artist at work (new job is totaly awesome by the way) working on a design for the shirts.
Thanks again everyone you all rock!

All Nob said...

Sorry for the delay... the septic tank now has a new post... forgot to publish it!