Wednesday, December 07, 2005


So Emmas first week at daycare was lastweek. snice then she has donned a horrible cold, a diaper rash, and frostbitten cheecks. However every night when i came home she was in incredible spirits. I have never seen her so happy and energetic for such a constant period of time. It seems like something has "clicked" in her lil baby brain of hers allowing her to realize that life has so much to offer. Always exploring, talking, laughing, observing, crawling, scooching. It really makes you revert back to your basic needs as a human being, doesnt it?
I mean we get so caught up in what the hell we are going to wear, what are we doing tonite, my car doesnt run good, i wish i had a nicer house, so and so said this and that about him or her. Like shit people take a lesson from a one year old. Relax. To cliche or not to cliche...ok i will ... LIfe is too damn short. Too short not to love what you have and not care about what you dont have. I fight with this narley emotion everyday of my life one way or another. Really in the end i know what is right and i know what i have. I love it. You must love it. Slow down, enjoy. This is especially going to be hard in the next few weeks because we are goong to be clamourd with polititions lieng to us when we wake up and fibbing even more when we go to sleep. Sucking the joy and happiness out of the season. But lets collevtively not let this happen as easily as it could. Don't protest, don't point fingers, don't get lost in the right or the left.
A better place to be on the floor still in your uniform after a 10 hour day with your baby girl's snotty nose staining your shirt and giving you kisses that can melt a May 14th blizzard to nothing.
So lets eat drink and be happy this season. Lets spend less and less time in the malls. Indulge in all of the greatest things you can think of. Ill tell you one thing. If i had a dorsal fin i would be 6'4 but i dont so im only 6'0.
Bye for now.


Jenn said...

Wow!! Talk about putting life into prospective. You are so is too short dont sweat the small stuff. Isnt it amazing how a little person can make all your worries/complaints/stresses go away with a smile or kiss?? I need to go home and hug my kids!!

Char said...


rubbing said...

When i say "revert back to basic needs..." i mean wipe ass, dont let your snot run too far down your chin, eat, things like that.
Thanks for the replies.

Anonymous said...

What a difference a 1 year old can make in a person's life. I'm glad you didn't wait until she was 21 to realize what you missed. Enjoy and keep the possitive thoughts flowing. This includes all around you too. With this attitude you will be a very happy and content man. Don't forget, life will throw a few tests your way.

Emma's Gramma