Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Corruption Keeps Us Warm

I saw Syriana this evening with Pete. We got into the theatre with time to spare. The seating was filling up pretty fast. I had to ask a guy to move over so that we can sit together. He was pretty upset with the fact that i asked him to give up not one but two of his HOMO seats. But much to his shigrin he moved over. To the aisle seat. But in comes a handicapped woman in a wheelchair or she was just lazy but ill assume she was handicapped. Her husband asked two ladies on the end of our row if they can find different seats since the seats they were sitting in were designated for wheelchairs and they looked at him like he had a penis growing out of his head. Stupid prudes looking at each other with absolute confusion why they wouild have to move. ug.
I looked at Pete and said i guess were looking for new seats and gave up ours to them. But then i turn around and noticed there were just singles left. Or HOMO seats if you will. But it all worked out i saw Syriana and Pete had to go and see Harry Potter. Shit thats a long movie i think he is still there.
As for the movie i saw it was pretty good. Like pretty good to rent. I didnt think it "needed" to be seen on the big screen. A dramatic thriller wich has at least 5 different stories but all tied into one another. Well done. But im sure if you are any type of history buff or political information monger it may have some inconsitancies. But i ejoyed it because it confused me at first but i feel i figured it out so i felt smart for a few minutes. Until i had to go look for peter in 7 different theatres.
I got 7 out of 8 Basketball games tonite. And got new pillows for christmas so im going to go test them out.



Gramma of 5 but Hoping for More said...

one of your longer rants.

Happy new year!

rubbing said...

Yes but you should see my longer pants.
Happy New Year to you as well. I am going to wish someone happy new year in July. I always say that but always forget about it.