Sunday, December 25, 2005

False Creek

I had chocolate brownies and steak for breakfast this morning. Good times. But now i am sitting here listening to Z-95 from vancouver reminissing and wanting to go back to badly. Mabye one day we will. THe west coast has alot to offer. Especially trucking around doing day to day chores with out freezing your azz. Good for if i want to do UPS out there too. Just a rain jacket maybe possibly long johns but maybe for just a few days here and there. Im sick of my hands splitting, face freezing, and carrying around a rasin sack for 6 months out of the year. Hey who knows if we move out there we may be closer to cougarhunter, because he is going to move to calgary. There its out in the open you HAVE to go.

Christmas But now with a different twist. The twist being ex-fricken-hausting. I think next year we will have everyone at one place on one night. I mean everybody. Condense the 3days into one. With that it will enable people to rest and recoup and reflect from the crazee year.

Hey do we all hate Paris HIlton? I think we all should. Just watch her porn video and then forget about her.

This was the best year for gifts. Easily. But the challenge is for the next few years is not to lose or get any of my christams gifts stolen. It goes something like this:
Sony Playstation2 - Robbed
Mp3 Player - Stolen ..thats the same thing as robbed
Back Massager - in hiadus at 3 Donald must call him to get it back. A dude took it when he was feeding our fish when we hightailed it out of that hole.
Video Game watch - I lost that behind our fridge on Dunrobin. I guess i didnt lose that because i know/knew were it is/was.
Electric Shaver - battery is dead too cheap to get a new one.
THats just for starters.

Sorry if i there is alot of typ=o's but emma smeared my glasses and im so flippen lazy this weekend im not going to clean them.

I like stuff.

James blunt is cool.



Gramma of 5 but Hoping for More said...

Welcome to our life. I've been exhaused every Christmas for 34 years. Wouldn't have it any other way. Have fun trying to get everyone together in one spot at one time. I won't be there. Christmas Eve has always been at my house and will continue to be at my house until I cannot do Christmas Eve at my house any more. Get the picture??

Merry Christmas!!!

rubbing said...

Yea but i lost my watch

Char said...

Where did you lose it?

rubbing said...

I wont be at your house either. Get the picture????