Tuesday, December 20, 2005

True events

me: "greetings" peering over a pile of boxes
customer: "oh our office hours" are 8:00 til' 4:30
me: "hi how are you"
customer: "are you purolator"
me: looking at my brown coat, brown pants, and brown turtle neck ... "what?"
customer: "are you....oh"
me: ya i got 3 for you here
customer: where are they from?
me: thinking to myself i dont give a shit where they are from but but i should really say purolator and that they are getting really fucking heavy...but instead i say "your shipper do you want them or not?"
customer: put them there... pointing to a desk 30 miles from where we are standing
me: "i was hoping i could put them over there" on my ay back i dig into her candy dish. "wow these taste way better than they look"
customer: yea they kinda look like ...umm..err....
me: TURDS , have a good eveining


Jenn said...

OMG!!! I appreciate that sooo much working where I work. I still want to go on a "ride along" with you. Too funny.. I guess these type of customers are all the same no matter where they are or what courior service!!

Char said...

...or whatever kind of service...doesn't seem to matter what industry it is, people can be complete morons. Face to face, over the phone, whatever....they're all the same. It can be funny at times though. Sometimes it even goes the other way when you phone somewhere for service and get put through to voice mail in the middle of your question. Or something like that. You know what I mean. Or at least I think Jenn does.

Cougarhunter said...

My-ya HEE, my-ya HAA, my-...Oh. That was Sunday's post. Nevermind. Carry on.

Char said...

Too tired to say anything that would make sense. Post again soon...