Friday, December 15, 2006

Zing Zing...

...that is the sound of this past two years flying by. Yes Emma is two today (Saturday). Two years ago to the day changed our lives as we know it. She came into our world with extreme force (that's how momma puts it).

I have always been proud of this entire Emma thing even before she was born. I was proud to tell people we were expecting. And yes i has my "chris-isms" and anecdotes regarding every stage.

I was definitely proud of my wife during her pregnancy of how meticulous she was in learning what was happening to her body and what is happening to what is inside her. She continued exercising and eating awesome.

I was of course proud of the day we were introduced to our little -uuhh hem- little big girl. 11 pounds 8 ounces. I knew we had something special on our hands.

Well anyway after the trip home from the hospital, the adjusting to our new guest, Mom's 9 months of Maternity/Parental leave and my 3 months parental leave, her first Easter, birthday, Christmas, tooth/ we are two years later and would do it all over again 100 times if i could.

I want to write more but i am just zapped from this past couple of weeks of working ...umm no not like a dog but more like a UPS man.

Take care all. I have been reading and keeping up on all of your blogs but have not been commenting. Sorry about that i just wanted to let you know i always think of you and your families but just haven't had time to respond.



Scott said...

Man, life moves fast as you are watching your kids grow up doesn't it!

Happy birthday to Emma, and thanks for the update.

No worries on the commenting or writing or any of that stuff.

I have always said, the blogging thing should never, ever be an added stress - like a thing on a "to-do" list or anything. You do it when you can and when you feel like it.

Take care, get some rest, and give Emma a big daddy hug for all of us.

Shannon said...

Your wife is AWESOME!! I'm aching just thinking of an 11 pound baby (youch).

Happy Birthday Emma :)

And Chris...I feel for you...December must be a back breaking, exhausting time for you...kinda like giving birth :)

Don't worry about not commenting. You'll be able to play catch-up after the New Year.

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Emma!! Auntie and Uncle George, Jarret and Mamy miss you sooo much. Have a wonderful party today.. wish we could be there. Love you lots!!

Chris said...

You always seem to know what to say in bloggerville. I like the way you put that.
I am sure i can slip a hug in there for you among the hundreds i give her on a daily basis.

Shalom. Yes ouch....11.8 pounder. Natural too and her oxegyn was broken too boot. I joke that she came out walking.

Chris said...

Jenn (mamy)?,
She/we miss you much too. Thanks for the birthday wishes.
see you soon i hope.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Dear Emma. Hope you have a GREAT Birthday

MileMasterSarah said...

Happy 2 year birthday to little emma!

George said...

Happy Birthday Emma!

Sandra Miller said...

"Zing Zing... "

I know exactly what you mean-- at 1:27 am this morning, my little one turned four.

Can't believe how fast it goes...

Happy Birthday to your little one!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

happy birthday emma, hope she has a good one!

and what a bouncing baby she was? so cute x

Julia said...

ELEVEN pounds???! Holy crap, man. Your wife should have multiple medals and jewels and, y'know, backrubs for life for that.

Happy birthday, Emma!

Penny said...

Happy birthday little Emma!!! And congrats to mom and dad on having such a wonderful, sweet, precious, smart, etc, etc, little girl.

And, 11 pounds. Are you freakin' kidding? Your wife is my hero.

Beefs and Bouquets said...

Happy Birthday Emma!!!!!

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday to Emma! She's such a sweetheart. Lots of OC kids have their birthdays this month ... Dani's is on the 31st.

Amazing how quickly time flies. You turn around and they are not babies anymore - they're little people! Lots of hugs to her from Brandon :)