Sunday, December 17, 2006

Well thank you all for your warm birthday wishes for Emma yesterday. I'm pretty sure her day could not have been any better. With the two family parties, the phone calls, and the comments on yesterdays post its was indeed a special day. It has been a long time since i have been so excited for a birthday. And i am happy to be able to share it.

Her BG was more or less spot on yesterday considering cake, snacks, and other treats throughout the day. Just like any other 2 year old we monitor her no differently on what she takes from the table rationing her sweet intake. But unlike any other 2 year old if we see her number dip a little bit we will grab a higher sugar/carb item from the many on the table and make sure she eats it.

"Here you go Emma. Please eat this cupcake because you didn't eat all of your dinner. Yummy isn't it? Good girl" ;)

Regarding the article in the National Post. This one i read over and over. Normally i will just lightly skim over the research articles and get the jist of them. But this one was different. This one i know for a fact gives everyone a second wind with holding on to hope.

This is the season for Time Magazines Person of the Year. I always look forward to it. I find myself thinking what could i possibly do to get on the cover of this, what direction could i see myself going in to get there. But this year i finally made it. If you read the article you will find that we all have contributed to the way the world is now. I thought it was a brilliant choice myself.

The only good thing about a honeymoon phase it at diagnoses. It gives you this strong feeling that it could last forever in your circumstance. It gives you a few more moments to say goodbye as life as you knew it before without all the tests, syringes, carb counting etc.
This past couple of weeks we are seeing Emma wake up a little higher than in the past. We are seeing high 5's and low 6's. Instead of the regular low 4's and low 5's.
Some thing is telling us to hold on tight and dig in. Because we have an evermore challenging time with this yet to come. But i feel privileged and excited to have all of you on our side as we go through this.
"See you soon"


Vivian said...

I am so glad that Miss Emma had a wonderful birthday, she is such a doll.

Congrats on finally making the cover! LOL

MileMasterSarah said...

I am glad Emma had a good birthday!

I know what you mean about the honeymoon thing. Gracie will have a good week and then have me stressing over a couple of sugars between 130-180 in the morning. Then she has back down to the 90's and 100's for a couple of days. It is just enough to remind me that we have it easy right now with the D and peanut.

Shannon said...

Isn't it such a paradox to see a cupcake as something our kids need to eat instead of what we would instinctively think of as something to avoid? I remember coaxing Brendon to eat cake or ice cream or any other goodie in order to make up for a dinner he didn't eat.

That was clever of Time mag to choose us! I think we deserve it, right? :)

Shannon said...

Holy mackerel!!! (I just read your reply to my comment about your wife going natural during birth) How the heck did your wife survive that! LOL.

I'm in awe. You better be good to that woman :)

Chris said...

Viv..You made the cover too!!:)
Sarah...its weird even to think that we want it done and over with, but i know when it is done we will want it back.And yes we do have it easy, that is even strange to say. Even more odd that Diabetes seems to take on its personality too.
Shannon...It is a paradox of sorts. Say when we are finished her swimming class i test her as all the dads with thier doinkies hanging out watch us, and me telling her she HAS to eat this pack of smarties please. Its just not a natural thing to others but it is to us.
Oh man ..she is definatley a trooper giving birth to a near 12 pounder. Since seeing what my wife can do physically i am for sure really really really nice to her.

Jenn said...

Love her bday crown. Looks like she had a good time.. if you have more pictures from the party please can you email them to us?? Thanks

Shannon said...

LOL, it's crazy about the "junk food" isn't it? I was anti-McDonald's it's all about the carbs....McD's is sometimes our savior on the road.

P.S. What the heck is a doinkie?

Jamie said...

Sounds like she had a great birthday :)

We get funny looks too from some people who know Danielle is diabetic and is sucking on a lollipop. I usually give them to her when we are out and she's a tad on the low side. People think I'm nuts for giving candy to my Type 1 child. If they only knew that I had a stash of candy in my purse for such occasions (suckers, dora fruit snacks, etc.)