Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Trifecta

Three stellar things happend today.

1/2) I called in sick to work. I have to call in no more or no less than one hour before my start time. That really doesnt give me much of a window now does it? It felt like i was calling in to a radio station contest trying to be the first caller. In the end i got through.

1) Looked into showtimes for Kng Kong. Hyped as all hell to have lunch and plop my skinny ass down at Silver City with 15 other "call in's". So i caught the 12:15 show at Polo Park. Show actually started at 12:30. I heard tons about the show and havnet heard anything bad about it. So that in itself is setting it up for dissapointment. Not the case here my friends!!!!!!!!
Amazing! Brilliant! 10/10. Been a long time since i have been so convicted on how amazing a movie was.

2) I had the Pleasure of picking Emma up from day care. I swear to god it is the most amazing thing on earth. I've heard about it, i've read bout it, i have seen movies about it...but nothing like the experience of actually doing it. She actually runs to you behind a "walker" biggest ear to ear grin on her face breathing out of her nose. Pickng her up she starts to kiss you on your cheeks. Then with no hesitation she will give you the biggest tightest hug and tapps you on the back. I almost want to quit my job and have picking her up from daycare as my job.

3) Saw Bryan Adams at the MTS Center. Im pretty sure that i havent seen many better shows than the one he put on tonite. There is a guy who knows his roots and will always abide by them. I guess most of the people there tonite have "grown up" with him.

There you have it...The Trifecta! Oh yea i made a killer roasst beast but we wont count that or i would have to change my title to sometihng else like the "quadzilla"



Jenn said...

LOL.. i like the comparison to calling in to a radio station.. I have to jump through sooo many loops to call in sick..its almost not worth it.. I said almost! I still love when Jarret or Amy are stoked when I come home from being out! I dont think that ever will change. Kids rock! Well have a good day. I will see your wife tonight!

Jenn said...

K just woke up just re-read my comment.. I meant to say " I have to jump through soo many 'hoops' to call in sick" not loops.. my bad!

rubbing said...

Loops can be just as well.

ass2006 said...
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gramma of 5 but hoping for more said...

ok, so I don't check the blogs everyday and I'm so far behind. 1) Give Emma a hug and kiss from Gramma. that is a standing-multiple-times-a-day thing.
2) There is a saying that friends never talk Religion or Politics and now you see why. It starts to get personal. If you think you can do this, please refrain from calling each other names. Call the politicans names, just because that is fun. But never, never refer to each other as either under educated (I could kill for that one)or morons (also could kill for that one). Name calling is taboo!!!!
3) Love to see you all (the ones I have known and loved for more years than any of us want to admit) have grown up to be passionate about the people you love and also about the Country you love. BRAVO!!! We parents have done something right. Don't fool yourselves tho, our job isn't done yet.

Blog on!! I love it

Cougarhunter said...

I agree with you gramma, wasn't my intention to insult anyone (nor do I think anyone else here was; I think it's called foot-in-mouth disease), I love talking about this but it is hard to carry-on an intelligent conversation before it starts to get personal.
Besides, I told Chris I prefer reading about his day-to-day stuff, like how dogs try to hump his leg when he is delivering packages.
Back to hunting cougars...

Char said...

Dogs humping Chris' leg is funny.

Jenn said...

Tee hee you said hump

Gramma said...

I'm now convinced that there is more work to be done. I saw Brian's comments and now Mr Cougarhunter is talking about humping Chris' leg. OMG. That is disgusting and yet funny at the same time. Keep us informed.

Craig said...

I remember waking up in a friuends lounge room a morning after a binge - three of us worked for the one company - and we all called in sick on the one phopne call. As each of us finished we'd say "Can you transfer me to..."

It's only hard if you let it be :)