Sunday, January 29, 2006

I like to move it move it...i like to move it

Has anyone worked for a gay moving company? Not a gay one as a stupid dum dum one but a real one run by gay men? Well i thought not. I sure the heck have. One summer out on the west coast my cousin asked me if i would like to earn some extra cash and work with one of her friends moving funiture in office buildings downtown Vancouver. So im like "yo, thats sounds good...word"
I can't fully remeber the name of the moving company but thier slogan was something like "Let us move you in and out of the back door". There the gayness flag should have went off. So i met the crew onsite. I'm like cool these guys are young athletic and dress well. So cool i thought that i could make some new friends to hang with and go see the Canucks or some Ultimate Fighting with. But it wasnt until half way through the move during a break i saw one guy behind the other rubbing his arms firmly and sort of vigorously. I thought lucky guy that looks like it feels good. Oh crap thats it!!!! It does feel good!!! Then thats when i finally zoned in. As sad as it sounds once i figured it out my stupid little pointy nose tuned itself up. I became a snob. Thinking, im better than them because....because... WTF? Because im not gay?!?!?!! What a dummy. At least i didnt feel that way for very long. Especially after a few guys noticed that i was being really "gay" about the whole thing. So i guess a sence of selflessness and arogance came over me, it was like i was conditioned to react that way. From where? From who? And now we all know those answers.
To make a long story short i ended up having some of the best times with them aftyer i settled down. Ididnt work there very long (maybe because no one would rub my arms). But that was a nice way to condition yourself with the virtues and values of other people that they are not much difernt from myself.
Good bunch of guys, i miss them. Never thought i would say i miss my gay movers. I hear it is do this day one of the best moving companies in the GVA.


Kenny said...

I worked for a graphic design firm and it didn't take long for me to figure it out.

The one guy answered the phone just like they do in the gay scenes from SNL. "Hii there! Ed speeeaking?!"

Well and they were desingers(nothing against designers) but lets face it there are a few gay designers out there. But on the other hand these guys were pardon the pun...DINKS.

I know how you feel Chrissy. Beside the fact that they like to look at bulges instead of cleavage doesn't mean they can't be fun guys.

Keep up the great blogs sailor!

Your damn sexy brother-in-law

rubbing said...

Oh man that is hillarious. I will tell you one thing though. It seemed that the gayer they were, meaning flamboyant and flaming, it seemed that they were as well more funny. I use the word flamming in no derogratory sense. Just like the defence "flaming" back to thier end to help backcheck.