Thursday, January 19, 2006

Fill it to the Rim With Brim

So finished my insane day at work. Done my last pick up. To start the day however we didn't leave the building until close to 10:00. In UPS terms that sucks. Sucked so bad that I barely had time to take a leak. Until 4:55pm when every thing was done except me relieving myself.
That changed very quickly when I gave in to the empty tropicana cranberry juice container boucning around on my dash. Well needless to say it wasn't empty for much longer. I haven't done this in a while so I grabbed it and went into the back of my "truck" which is parked on Provoncher and tache. Ripped the cap off inserted my doingy into it and started hearing the peeing angels sing my favorite song. But I noticed that it was filling up really fast...I mean too fast to think about anything else other than...."PINCH". Stream was stopped. I was faced with another dilemma. Where the hell am I going to put what is left in my dinky that has no way but out to go. Holding the once cold and refreshing juice now a warm frothy sesspool of germies i had to act fast. Fast enough so i would not risk any injuries or future complications. Thank Allah for UPS express pouches. Saved me once again. (yes I said ONCE again, but that other time is an entire different post).
So, lesson learned. That being use the express pouch first then the cranberry jar.
So as you can see im back from my business trip. It was successful but i cannot disclose any information at this moment. Stay tuned.


Gramma of 5 said...

Nice to see you got back safely from your "long" business trip.

Please don't call me Mom... said...

I cried. Not sure if it was from laughing or from embarrassment. Who raised you? You are a strange boy, but funny.

Cougarhunter said...

...fuNNY. Did you take the red-eye for your biz-ness trip?

You ARE a strange boy. You should keep an empty 2L pop bottle in your truck.

rubbing said...

we will see who is strange when they are caught in an emergency without an Express Bag.

Jenn said...

Too funny.. i wont be ablt to look at UPS pouches the same.. since you have some funny stories will be a guest blogger on my blog? Let me know.. and we can set it up.

Char said...

I'm quite impressed with your creativity! I think you need to buy a camping potty to take with you on your route. I'm sure it would pay for itself in no time. Or as cougarhunter says, the 2l bottle...that would be cheaper. I might have one for you. Just say the word, and it's all yours.