Sunday, July 08, 2007

Second Honeymoon

We had to correct for the past few nights. This is new to us. But what we are learning is Emma's symptoms when she is high. We are talking about 23 (414) lastnight at around 1am. And the other two nights previous.
So on the fourth day is when we will change the dose of NPH in the morning.
Her daytime numbers have been spot on with the dosage of rapid.
Hey was nice knowing you. I hope you go and find someone elses family and help make the introduction to this disease how you made it for us. Thanks. Pfft.
I feel we are in for some good times.


Shannon said...

This is it. The big show. I feel for you guys. She's been honeymooning for so long and now you have to get used to a whole new stage.

I hope it doesn't hit you and Denise too hard emotionally.

Emma on the otherhand will be her cute, smart little self...not even diabetes can ever change that.

Jenn said...

Sigh.. Emma!

Major Bedhead said...

It's so strange how differently this disease affects everyone. O's honeymoon sucked - she rollercoastered all the freakin' time and I was constantly chasing her down to give her insulin or get her to eat (this was in the days before Humalog).

It will be a big change for you guys, I'm sure. You'll have lots of support from the OC, though.

Penny said...

I'm thinking about you and Denise as you move onto the next phase with this stupid, stupid disease.

Jamie said...

Chris - if you guys ever need to talk - please give me a call. You have our number. We're here for you. *sigh*

Carey said...

Hopefully you'll find clear trends with Emma now that the honeymoon phase is over.

You guys will be alright. We're here for ya if you want to bounce some things off of us.