Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's a Date

Emma had her fist dinner date last night.
His name is Pason. He lives next door.
He could be one of the most adorable little guys.
Adorable enough to belong on this DOC.
So here they are:

He is a strong little dude.
Emma is sure safe when he is around.

Time for a test and a little supper.
Do all boys like ketchup on their carrots?

Let's go upstairs and apply some cream onto each other.
Lucky boy, one day you will appreciate this picture.

...but not this one.

No less they did have a great time. So did we. It was a pleasure having Emma's first stay over with such great manners and compassion towards her. He is a great little dude.

I contemplated on talking about her soaring numbers throughout the day. I contemplated on walking around here looking for someone to lean on. But instead i found that someone to lean on within her. She has always been and continues to be my hero. She took her test as you see without hesitating or flinching. She knows she has to eat her carbs. Even mentioning it to Pason that she is eating her carbs.

Good for you Emma. Your my baby girl. I love you.


Major Bedhead said...

Hey, you live in Naked Dollville, too!

Very cute stuff. I love this age, before all the gender difference weirdness kicks in. It's too adorable.

Shannon said...

Wow dad, you took her first dinner date very well! Apparently you didn't give him any "don't you dare touch my daughter" speeches because you let them apply cream on each other....in bed no less!! jesus christ.

Pason was a good sport about playing dolls. He's too cute.

Emma's the best. With all she went through with her numbers, it's great that she went on to have fun with her little date.

Carey said...

He showed Emma how strong he was and Emma showed him just how strong she could be.

What a brave, cute girl.

Molly said...

What GREAT pictures! Two cutie patooties!
Thanks for sharing.

Penny said...


At the end of the day, you really did focus on the important stuff. The testing, counting, and dosing isn't really the important stuff. You seem to have learned that quicker than most.

Also, I read a comment you made over at the blog Time It Was... You made me cry talking about how we (the DOC) are family and stuff.

The only way for me to stop crying was to think about the picture of you at the walk:-)

The pictures of Emma and her "date" are just too cute. Glad to see she doesn't let D get in the way of what she wants to do. Smart girl you've got there. She must get that from her parents.

Bernard said...


I think you need to keep this blog post nearby for about 16 years from now. That way you won't go so crazy when she goes on her first real date. (I need to do the same also).

Thanks for the great pictures. Kids are just so much fun to watch growing. I wish I had that innocence and honesty now.

Kelli said...


Emma is such a cutie. It is amazing how kids can ground us and show us what is really important (which is obviously dolls and ketchup on carrots!)

BTW, thanks for your support and kind words on my blog. The support I have found has been fantastic. I know that I can make this journey – because I have to. But it is so much better having people to walk beside me or when needed, push me from behind.


Kerri. said...

This is just perfect. The pictures are adorable.

Quite a hero you have there, Chris.