Sunday, October 01, 2006

Emma Is My Hero

It has been two days since we have learned that Emma has a serious disease that impairs the bodies ability to use food properly. We have been forced to understand our bodies in a way most people will never have to. Who the heck needed to know what the pancreas does. Or who needed to know for that matter. But the answer to this is us. Emmas pancreas does not produce the insulin needed to break down the glucose in her food to converted it to energy. Without insulin to turn glucose into energy the glucose piles up in the bloodstream and spills into the urine.
Now our mission is to treat this disease by monitoring her glucose levels in her blood. Counting her carbohydrate intake and manually balancing it with insulin. This type treatment will keep blood sugar levels normal to avoid complications.
At first we were convinced this was a mistake. A miss diagnosis. Or even a temporary illness. But these feelings quickly dissipated when we were told to get to the hospital as soon as possible.
Emma was admitted to the children's Hospital that nite (Friday September 29.).
This was easily the most intense overwhelming and shocking thing I have ever had to experience. After we knew she was safe, oddly enough it felt like we were grieving a loss. It had felt like we lost our little girl. All we wanted was our Emma back. Sometimes our emotions will overtake our logic and make us look selfish to the circumstance.

Denise has been taking Emma to and from doctors for the previous two days before Friday. And I have absolutely no idea how she kept it together. She single handedly saved our little girl from any complications, long term implications, and even death because of her impeccable judgment and commitment to her health.

On the scale to which Emma has been tested, moved around, poked, and prodded would have set anyone off. But not her. She only cried when she had to. She never ever fussed or got cranky. She listened to us as if her life depended on it. She played she laughed ran and climbed when ever she had the chance to.

That little girl deep down knows everything is going to be alright. She was my strength through all of this. My little trooper I love her so much.
At first I wanted to be Emmas hero but now it is clear that she is mine.


Jenn said...

Thanks Chris. That is the best explanation I have ever heard what Diabetes is. Now I can explain it to my kids in a way they will understand. What a trooper miss Emma is!! She is a tough little girl. Not just Emma but you and Denise too!! What I have heard and just read you two have been so strong through all of this! Please keep me posted with updates.. I know its hard cause I am so far away.. but you guys have been on my mind since Friday. I wish I could be there for support, but from TO will have to do until I can come in and visit. Love you guys.. give her hugs and kisses for me please!!!!

Wayward Stef said...

I'm glad things were figured out and that you can focus on proper treatment. I have several friends with type 1 diabetes and they are all outstanding people and do everything anyone else does. :)


The Zielke's said...

WOW! Thank you for sharing this. Our family knows all too well the effects of Diabetes. We will be praying with all our hearts that God will give you strength as you go through this and most of all that He will surround you with Love & Peace. God is Good ALL the time and His Mercy's NEVER fail!!
We love you & are praying,
Chris, Charlene, Lauren & Michael Zielke

oneiconoclast said...

I am inspired and touched by your fearless ability to express emotion in text, as well as by your introspective and instructive account of Emma's diagnosis and condition; her courage in facing a challenge that (such a cute) little girl should not have to face so young; and by Denise's unwavering strenth and calm resolve in doing what so obviously needed to be done during a time of significant stress for your family.

If I were personally inclined to have heroes, I would add the three of you to the top of my list (right up there with cougarhunter, of course)!

Thanks for giving me the gift of belief today,

rubbing said...

Thanks for the kind and supportive words you guys.
Thanks too Sally but you may want to reevaluste Steves heroic tendancies after you see him on a ladder.;)

one_iconoclast said...

Maybe so, but his dancing "tendencies" are excellent... ;-)