Saturday, July 14, 2007

Canadian Tour

So if you have been visiting my site this past couple of weeks you may have noticed a new link on my blog roll (the blogs i read); Luke Swilor. Shortly after starting my blog a year and a half ago i luckily ran across his blog. I was fascinated being a golf nut of sorts and reading his blogs about his road to making the PGA tour.

So this past spring he won a full exemption to the Canadian Tour. I was smitten that he made it. I congratulated him and was excited to read about the coming season. So then it dawned on me that the tour comes through Winnipeg every July for the Winnipeg Free Press Classic. It is one of the more prestigious tournaments on the tour and a good one to win as they go on a break for 4 weeks after.

So i emailed him a couple of weeks ago and offered him to accommodations at our house and for me to caddy for him. He declined on the staying here, very understandingly, but took me up on my volunteering my time to caddy for him for the four days.

If you read his blog the last three posts will describe his time here and his golf game. As for me this was one of the most amazing experiences i have encountered so far. Being inside the ropes at a professional golf better does that get. I will tell you. Carrying one of the top ten players of the weeks bag. Over the weekend the galleries got a little larger and expected to be larger tomorrow as it is the final day.

One thing for sure is the caddies on TV make that job look a hell of a lot easier than it really is. However i think i had the easier task out of the two of us. Luke has a great head on his shoulders and works hard at his game. I know because of that, tomorrow will be good to him. I feel this is his day. He has some ground to make up but will finish strong.

Wish us luck and follow him if you can. Follow us here, and choose live leader board. I am sure to post his result soon after.


Shannon said...

What an awesome opportunity!! Good luck to Luke.

Bernard said...

That must have been a lot of fun. Are you a golfer yourself?

Chris said...

Yes it was tonns of fun. Especially how we placed today made it more fun.
Yes i golf. As much as i can.
How about you do you golf?