Tuesday, October 09, 2007

That Was a Tight Roll..now pass it around...

A high here, a high there, here a high there a high everywhere a high high.
Lil miss Emma had a high ei-ei-o.
And with that high she had a pee e-i-e-ooo.
With a crank crank here and a crank crank there...
..you get the idea.
Momma was totally freaked out on Sunday that her ol' reliable test kit read "HI". I didn't receive honors in school nor did i do well with numbers. But one of the things i did learn is differentiate between letters and numbers (most of the time). So WTF will a "HI" reading tell you? Especially when you think in numbers then translate it yourself to either high or low.
So that was hard to do it the other way around.
It was totally awesome being at a Wedding and stepping out to call a doctor on call (well momma did anyhow, i just stayed inside and drank a lot more gin).
So with saying this it is obvious that we are entering one of those "next" phases.
Not as scary as i depicted in previous posts. But confusing none the less.
Emma is starting to verbalize how she is feeling in her stomach to us which is in terms of your daughter having a disease TREMENDOUS!
We have pulled out the PEN. Hopefully she will embrace it, or at the very least not quiver when she sees it.


Carey said...

Yeah, that HI isn't as friendly as it seems. Sorry, man. Good to see you back in blogworld.

Chris said...

Salute to you too Carey. Thanks. Nice to be back.

Shannon said...

Damn diabetes sneaking up like that.

When Brendon was knee-high to a grasshopper, we'd point out his high number and say "how you feel now is how it feels to be a 300", and if he was low, we'd say the same, so that he'd associate his symptoms with highs and lows.

Now he knows when he feels low, but doesn't really feel much when he's high, unless it reads HI....then it's the stomach pain.

It's good (yet shitty) that Emma can tell you what she feels like at her age.

Penny said...


A big hug to you and Denise. (How is she feeling these days?)

I remember when Riley was first able to tell us he felt low. I almost jumped for joy.

You've got to embrace the small things.