Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Irking Level Set To High

Whenever i write on here i first look around for inspiration. So really at the end of the day i do not have to look too far. There are so many great people on this OC that keep us all in check most of the times.
I claim to be an expert about Diabetes, but if you tell yourself something over and over you begin to believe it yourself even if it is the farthest thing from the truth.
I read all of you talk about the types of insulin you and your children are on. I read about the research you have all been in tune with over the past while. Some more than others.
This translates to everyday for me. As when i do meet someone with Type 1 i am absolutely captivated by the fact. I tend to open up and try to sink every thing that they do and say in.
This i think is where you get your "feel" from. Sure calculating carb:insulin ratios is and has to be precise but you must develop a feel. Develop is the main word here. I know this will not happen over night, nor do i want it to. But it will happen and i hope Emma gets this feel with her feet moving 100 miles an hour.
This is developing.


Amylia said...

She will get a feel for things. Trust me, it happens without meaning to, really.

BTW, your b/w photo is really a wonderful shot. :Shot: picture, I mean.

And you're the only person I know besides myself who also has "Run Lola Run" as one of their top movies.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

George said...

I too get captivated when I meet another Type 1. I did not know any EVER until I discovered the OC.

As soon as I think I have figured it all out, the D throws a curve ball.

We all just have to be Life Long Learners. If we know that then we are EXPERTS! :)

Chrissie in Belgium said...

You WILL get the "feel"? It develops with time. The feel is the scale that lets you throw all the variables in that may affect the bg value and the dicede how much insulin to take, wheter to take a bite more of that bread, a little sip more of coke.There are oh so many variables so the feel is really important and it WILL come.

Scott said...

I think to some extent, we all find that while we learn things from other people here, each person's experience with diabetes is so unique. That means on some issues, you share similarities with one person, yet on other issues, our experience mirrors that of another person. Above all, its a constant learning experience that no one ever truly masters because treatments are not physiologically delivered. Until that happens, about the only thing we can expect continued changes.

Children learn by example, so there's not a single lesson provided, its how parents manage things on a day-to-day basis that really teaches them. As long as the basic foundation is good, the rest will fall into place!