Friday, June 01, 2007

Wonder Auntie

Emma's Auntie Linda has fallen ill this past week. This is her daycare provider. I feel by designating her with that title really minimizes of who she is and what she really does.

She is how come Emma is how she is today. A brilliant, vibrant, alert, polite , caring, inquisitive TWO YEAR OLD. Sure i give us credit over here. But it is Auntie Linda who harbours all of what Emma is taught day in - day out. We are probably the luckiest parents in Winnipeg right now.

When Emma was dx'd with TYPE 1 this past year. Auntie embraced the entire learning something new. She didn't even flinch. She just wanted to know what she needed to know, but she did not only know it after. She learned it like it was her daughter that was just diagnosed.

A few months later Auntie herself was dx'd with type 2. She told us that Emma and herself will work together on this to keep each other balanced. Both myself and Denise have tried to inform her of what she should be doing to manage her diabetes, but we couldn't tell her anything new that she didn't already know.

It is cute and heartbreaking at the same time when we talk about Aunties diabetes in front of Emma because her little (loud) voice pipes up with a huge grin she touches her chest and proclaims "Atie has Dibeeetees an so dus Emaa"!!!!

She is sure in good company. We are consciously trying to surround her with kids with type 1 for obvious reasons and we love when she is around kids who do not have it and runs faster than them, counts higher, and recites her ABC's.

She is an amazing little girl this is for sure. Thank you Auntie. I hope you feel better real soon. We need you.


Shannon said...

Aside from going to school, having a great daycare provider or babysitter is one of the most stress inducing things us parents of D kids have to deal with.

How lucky you are to have someone who will care for Emma like she's her own.

Those are the people to hold on tight and never let go!!

Penny said...

Get better soon, Auntie!!

Char said...

Atie can't be sick cause it makes Emma saaaaad.

I hope she gets better soon.

Amberthyme said...

I think Auntie is the best title! It wraps up all the love and care she provides in one familiar term. This isn't worded well, but the term of endearment shows how close you are - not just a babysitter - she's family. I hope she's better by now!