Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Diabetes Shmiabetes


Bernard said...

Great pictures! (And very cool sunglasses)

I also like the look of that cake in the first one. Yum!

Jenn said...

Cute pictures! I cant believe how much she has changed! She is such a little girl now. I cant wait to see her.

Oh yeah.. she looks just like Denise :)!!

Shannon said...

That cake looks gargantuan, LOL.

Great pictures showing how diabetes doesn't get in Emma's way :)

I love her cuddling with the dog.

Penny said...


Major Bedhead said...

That cake is as big as she is!

You should send those into Diabetes Made Visible. They're great.

Sandra Miller said...

Love these photos, Chris.

Emma is too dang adorable.

But man, I had to laugh at the one of her in the shades-- wearing that denim jacket and that priceless expression, she looks like she's tryin' to scalp that ticket she's holding. :-)

Vivian said...

Wow, Miss Emma is really growing. She is just beautiful! Great pictures, thanks for sharing them with us. You have a great family.

Jamie said...

She is just too cute! Dani is sitting on my lap looking at them and was asking me questions about each and every photo...

Who's birthday cake? Emma's?
What's the puppies name?
Is Emma's Mommy makin' her hair pretty?

LOL. Love the pictures :) And she has changed since we saw her back in Feb (or was it March? errrr, bad memory ...). What a sweetheart.

Chris said...

Bernard: Cakes look better on cake plates it seems. She loves wearing her sunglass.

Jenn: 2 more weeks!!!!:)

Shannon: weird to think her diabetes enhances some aspects of her life.

Penny: Thanks..that is what i say when i see your pics too.

Julia: I am thinking of getting started on there soon. We have a few good ones.

Sandra: I wish you can meet her she would blow your mind. We split the cash she got for the merry go round ticket she sold.

Viv: It seems like you have all seen her grow up on here. You are always so kind.

Jamie: Dani is so adorable i love your kids they are awesome. Hope we see you again soon!!!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Way too cute! Just melts my heart!

Carey said...

I hope she had a nice big piece of that cake. So cute!

Char said...


Is that the bathroom I barfed in?

Who's the dog?

Why is Emma so cute?

bethany said...

love, absolutely love the pics.

Tom said...

So cute! Very fashionable sunglasses! :-) Sorry for being so late, thought I already commented. Must have simply been mental.