Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Diabetic Bed Built in 3 hours.


Major Bedhead said...

How sad is it that the first thing that popped into my head was "I hope that's not to high up or they're going to have a bitch of a time checking her during the night."

Cool bed, though. And a good height.

She's already in a big bed? Could she come down here and have a word with my 2.5 year old? She won't sleep in a big girl bed for nuthin'.

Chris said...

It is the perfect height for checkng blood sugars. The things that come to parents with children who have D are more unconventional than other parents thinkings'
SHe comes down quite 20 times a nite fine.Today we got her down to 4 times. So big improvement.

..M.. said...

That's a most excellent bed! Great height, and excellent for storing things under. I want one! Bet Emma loves it!

Shannon said...

Little Emma in such a big and FUN bed. I wish I could have a bed like that and hide underneath...and I mean now as an adult....I need a hiding place once in a while, LOL.

I'm quite impressed, Dad. I didn't know you were so mechanically inclined.

(How many times did you say the "F" word while building this, incidentally?)

Chris said...

M...I remember stuffing things under my bed and forgetting about them for months. I hope we dont lose emma under there for very long.

Shannon..FUN indeed. for the first 3 days we didnt see her. She was playing in her room. I dont know if that is good or bad.ha.
Yes many F-bombs were dropped. It was bought at a Swedish store where they do not believe in assembly. Its like ikea on roids.
I think if i put theinstructions up to a mirror and read them like that it would have been easier.

Bernard said...

I'd want a bed like that even if I didn't have diabetes.

That looks so cool. I'm not going to show my girls. They'd be jealous!

Carey said...

When's the OC slumber party? Awesome bed. Let's be honest. How often have you been in there playing fort even when Emma wasn't around?

Chris said...

Bernard: Save yourself dont show your girls..unless you want to make up new swear words and have your daughter and wife stand there with thier jaws open and momma holding your daughters ears.

Carey: Im so busted aint i? OC ssluber party sounds nice, i will supply the lancets and glucogon.
You bring tubing and syringes.

All Nob said...

ah... the fun of assembling furniture...

3 hours... not bad. it usually takes me about 5 deep cuts, a swollen thumb, blisters, 10 loud "holy f##k's", and a headache.

Jen said...

My husband built a loft bed for our son, Nolan, and after numerous nights climbing his ladder to check BG, and one night of just sleeping up there with him since I had to re-check anyway, I decided we had to lob off two feet of the height.
I was worried about him getting low in the night and trying to climb down on his own, getting a leg tangled in the steps, or worse!
Great blog.