Friday, June 15, 2007


Well i guess i have to announce the winner. Or quasi-winner if i may.
Shannon was pretty close. Her answer was MICKEY, but in fact that was MINNIE being hugged in those pictures. A technicality? Yes.
So yes a package will be arriving at your door Shannon if you would email me your mailing address i will get your prize out to you as soon as i can.
Thanks for playing everyone.
Have a great weekend, Happy Fathers Day.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Congrats! Way to go Shannonymous!

Shannon said...

Hey Scott, that's a catchy name.

Chris...thanks!! :))

You know, I actually went back to double check the picture before I sent my comment to make sure it wasn't Minnie...and it STILL looked like Mickey.

And to think Jamie could've swept in and given the correct answer. I guess it looked like Mickey to her too!

Enough babbling from me...Have a great Father's Day.

Jamie said...

Ok - you know what - I never went back and checked, just cause I assumed it was Mickey - BAH!

Dani doesn't see the same Diabetes educator as Emma does (she sees Gillian) so she doesn't see Minnie Mouse (as it's in Nicole's office).

I guess it pays to do your research LMAO.

Way to go Shan!

Chris said...

Hey Scott..sorry you missed the contest.
Shannon...check your mail tomorrow. Well as if you dont check it every day..duh.
Jamie...You got one of my balls what else do you want?;)