Thursday, January 18, 2007

Who gets it?

Sheesh i go away for a few days and my sister makes friends with the lot of you (awesome), a d-lurking has been initiated, the south and the east get hammered by winter (finally), American Idol..The Apprentice..and Football playoffs begin, and Emma loses more beta cells.

When she was first diagnosed it was all because Mom thought she had a bladder infection and the story unfolded from there. So this time around a couple of weeks ago when she caught a cold for the first time since before her dx we were introduced to the world of fast acting insulin. I don't even know the full name of it i ll just call it Novo Rapid for now.

It was definitely a sad and very challenging time when we had to break out that cartridge of rapid. But at the end of the day it is a very happy and rewarding thing we had to do. Since mixing the two in the morning her numbers have been dialed in. Amazing. She is safe. She doesn't seem to go through those agitated moments and other symptoms (for now) related with highs and lows(other than a typical two year old would anyway).

We have empowered her with this disease. She is the one who has to live with this shit. So she is the one that has to control this. We are just there because our thumbs work better than hers.

"Emma...where should we do your test.?"
"Baby...can you show daddy how to do it?"
"Sweetie what is this for?"
"What does insulin give you?"
"What was your number at Aunties today?"
"Did you have lots of energy?..did you run lots today?" What gives you energy?"

No worries we don't ask her all these at once. But they are definitely out there. And you know what?! She answers ALL of the questions. ALL of the time. Maybe she is not ready to take a test. So its up to her within reason when and how it is done.

She is too young. She is too innocent. However the hell she got this. She sure gets it.


Kerri. said...

Your sister had a wonderful de-lurking moment on several blogs. She has the same kind of warm wonderful that you do.

And Emma is such a cute little girl. She's going to be one tough cookie. :)

MileMasterSarah said...

I was so very sad when you had to start fast acting for emma. I felt my own life was playing out, and my fears for Gracie were being realized. It is good to know that it is working out for all of you. This sets my own heart at ease some. Your little Emma just reminds me so much of Gracie, it is hard to not think of her when I read about your Emma.

Shannon said...

Emma is a smart, cute as hell girl. I guarantee she knows how to test herself (Brendon did at 2 1/2 even though it was for show...we did all the testing).

Your sister is cool. I'm really rooting for her to make a successful batch of cookies :)

I see the fast acting insulin as empowering too. You also don't have to sit and wonder when the honeymoon is ending. It's sad, but really it allows you to settle into the management. I don't know if I'm explaining myself well.....

Carey said...

Just read the "story" of Emma's diagnoses. Just heartbreaking. Emma's lucky to have such commited parents.

Anonymous said...

Chris, did you move? Call us... I know you changed your number and during the last month I haven't been able to do much... you know the story.


Vivian said...

Your family is awesome and Miss Emma will get through all of it without skipping a beat. Hang in there, we are all in this together. =)