Monday, January 22, 2007

Thank you

My first time publishing on Chris's site. I do read all of Chris's links and depending on the day I either am extremely saddened or I feel really empowered by every ones strength.
The past 4 months have definitely been life altering, I took for granted simplicity... Personally I have become a stronger more humbled person. I appreciate the smaller things alot more (that's so cliche). "Daddy chasing, tickling and playing with Emma until she giggling so much she's snorting, or going to the park and Emma repeatedly going down the slide "again" "again" "again", Emma running in the house searching for her "kitty" cat so she can give him that headlock hug, or wrap him in a blanket like he's her baby (he just loves it by the way). Those moments diabetes can never take and those moments are what makes me realize Emma is a happy little girl, to her she knows no different.
I soak in every day with Chris and Emma, I love our family.
I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that Emma was given diabetes because we/she can handle it. My hope is that throughout Emma's childhood with diabetes we can teach and support her to live to her highest potential with diabetes not as a crutch but an enabler.
Thank you to everyone who supports Chris and our family.


Chrissie in Belgium said...

Denise, it is nice that you have joined Chris in writing on the blog. I have had D for 45 years - when it first hits you one thinks it is impossible to manage, but one does. It is defintitely possible to live a very rich and rewarding life with D. Furthermore, so much progress has been made in its treatment. Maybe some day Emma will even be cured, but don't live with that hope even though I do believe she IS young enough to see that day. Actually I think it is so much harder to see your child with D than to have it yourself! I hope all of us with D can help give you and Chris some support. As a group we really can help each other. Maybe visit my blog; you will see that even someone having had the D so very long really has had and continues to have a truly wonderful life.

Shannon said...

Denise, I was going to ask Chris if he could have you write something.

You've written exactly how I feel. The reason why I love the Diabetes OC is because you all are the only ones who really KNOW.

You sound like a remarkable mom and Emma will be just fine because of it :) She has no choice but to be a remarkable adult with parents like you and Chris.

Jenn said...

Glad you posted something Neece! Hopefully not the last time??

I would LOVE to see missy wrap Hansel up in a blanket.. I bet he loves it.

Vivian said...

I am so glad that you have joined us. You have an amazing family. Thank you for sharing Miss Emma with us. Hope to hear more from you in the future.

Jamie said...

So glad to see you write a post, Denise :)

I'm so glad you found the OC too - honestly, some days I don't know what I'd do without you all!

You guys are doing a terrific job with Emma :)

Chris said...

Indeed she is a remarkable mom. Emmas Diabetes would not be managed as well as it is if it was not for her. She is incredible and i know for the long term she will continue this and it will be so evident where Emma gets her love of life from.
Thanks Mamma.
Love Daddy

Shannon said...


I made the kids Pillsbury Moist Supreme Chocolate cake. It went against everything I stand for as a mother, but I let them eat it for lunch. That's fun, right?

Brendon had some later, but it's a pain in the butt because the serving size is 1/12 of a cake, so I had to visualize the missing part to know how much to cut to make it 1/12 of a piece. But he loved it and was happy to have chocolate cake....for dessert. I'm not crazy enough to let them have it for dinner.

Penny said...

Hi Denise:-) So nice to hear from you!!!

((((BIG HUG))))

Scott K. Johnson said...

Thanks for joining in Denise!

Bernard said...

I second what Chrissie says - though she has me beat by 10 years. I only got it in 1972.

Emma will do fine, especially because her Dad and Mom care so much for her.