Thursday, November 02, 2006

Myths, Misconceptions, and mmmmmcandy

I am responding to a question on my previous post regarding if emma can eat sweets or not. I am vaery happy this question came up. Because i know there are people that read this that may have wanted to ask that, or just unsure of a few things them selves.

Emma can absolutely eat sweets. It is just now we have to incorporate it into her meal plan. Yes we have to limit them but so do all parents have to (should) as well. With the help of our nutritionists, doctors, and us doing research she can carry on more or less like another child without diabetes. That is when we went to that 2 day clinic just after she was diagnosed last month.

If anyone wants to "but in here" please do!

As for Halloween night we knew she was going to have candy before or around she went to bed. So in that case what we did was just fed her a low carb dinner such as eggs and toast. Eggs have no carbs in them so it freed up a portion of her carb intake to be replaced by her candy later on.

With saying that this past month it almost seems like she has had more sweets than she usually did in the past. Kind of ironic, oxy moronish, confusing to say the least. But they have a place and we have been learning alot as you have notices in past blogs and our visits. Because we know there are times when sweets are a must: if the blood sugar level drops too low, sweets (or juice, or soda) can be the surest to raise it, and prevent the onset of hypoglycemia.

And in turn to treat highs (hyperglycemia) insulin is used. But I will touch more on that after or when her Honeymoon phase is ending or has ended.

Alternatives to sweets sound to be a good idea. If you read the comments on my last post you will see shannon's comment on trading candy for toys. We will adopt something like that and i think that even may be a good practice for non diabetics as well. Especially around Halloween, Christmas, Easter..Etc.

Look at her!! How can you not give her any candy????? Ha ha.

Thanks for the question.

I know I have some questions too to other parents with kids with diabetes and other people with type 1 but at times I feel like I should know but too just afraid to ask sometimes.


julia said...

Is she on a sliding scale or are you guys doing carb counting? Is she still on NPH or has she been switched to Lantus/Glargine/Levemir?

If she is carb counting, she should be able to eat candy when she wants (well, within reason). You shouldn't have to work it into a meal plan. I honestly think that switching to Lantus etc., and doing carb counting is going to make life so much easier for you. If you're doing that already, then disregard this advice.

If you're not, I'd ask your endo about it. For such a young child, it makes sense. If she wants to have 6 waffles for breakfast, she can - you just give her the appropriate amount of insulin for the amount of carbs she takes in. If she only wants to eat one, then she gets insulin for only one.

My daughter was diagnosed just before her 3rd birthday and it was a struggle to get the required amount of carbs into her at the required time. Carb counting wasn't done - at least not by her endo - and I spent a lot of time cajoling her to eat. Once she went on long-acting, life became a lot easier.

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

I will post the rest of the week's food as soon as my computer at home is working! The internet is being dumb! I'm at work at the moment and so can't really do it. I shall also read your latest entry then too!

btw, cute pic of emma! :)

i just wanted the pepsi max, i don't take insulin for it. i just love that stuff.

yes i've been pumping since august 2005, and i'm using humalog.

will comment again when have more time.

all the best,

vic x

rubbing said...

We are carb counting. What is a sliding scale?I may know but my wife isnt here right now lol. We considered changing to glargine but then decided to keep her on NPH because it was working well. So we felt what was the purpose tochange it at this moment.
Im confused. Doesnt every diabetic have to carb count?
Even though we carb count we do not restrict what she eats. Other than normal judgement.
How old is your daughter now?
What BG monitor does she use?
Does she test herself?
How is she doing now?
tell us tell us!!:)
Sorry if this post wasnt clear but imon lunch and still in UPS mode.

Shannon said...

Ask all the questions you want!! Brendon started out on Humalog and NPH. The endo and nutritionist gave him a set amount of carbs to eat at meals and snacktimes. Now he's on the pump.

The sliding scale is basically a range of glucose numbers that indicate how much insulin is needed such as a range between 70-120 might need .5 units of insulin or 71-180 might need .75 (these are just numbers to illustrate).

If you want you can email me questions at

Shannon said...

Chris- I actually have a question for you:

What is a parcologist?