Friday, November 03, 2006

Tag I'M It!!

I'm IT! I was tagged by Shannon so that I can divulge 5 interesting facts about myself. I will give it my best shot I am not promising they will be interesting, however this will be my first blog without mentioning Emma and her diabetes. Oops I guess it is not.

1. A few years ago I moved out west to pursue a career in Golf Course Management. There I worked at two different golf courses. The one pictured here is Swan-e-set . Those of you who have seen the movie Happy Gilmore will recognize this shot of the club house. They shot the movie there and basically closed down the resort for 3 days. Yes I did see Adam Sandler and cast.
More interesting though with all the cameras, communication devices and electronics they were using for a shot of putting on the green, they set off the satellite control for the irrigation system and turned on all of the sprinklers soaking all of the actors, extras, and equipment. But I couldn't stand there and let this happen for too long so I raced to one of the controllers and shut off the main valve! Yes I did save the day. Please hold your applause till the end.

2. I never ever thought it could be possible to love anything, another human being, anyone as much as I love my Wife and Emma. I love them so much I would do anything for them. As for my Emma if i could add up all of the needles and pokes she is going to have to take for the rest of her life and take them all at once for her. I love you Emma.

3. I still have my pooh-bear that i had when I was 3. His nose is squished in from sleeping on it (when I was younger), he has no more clothes or eyes. But still has a nose. I bet he wishes he didn't because apparently my breath is horrid in the AM. He has survived many moves. Seen my go through many changes. He has seen me grow. When I thought I lost him for good my little sister had saved him for me and gave him to me when I was in the hospital about 10 years ago.

3. My memory is like a steel trap. IM talking about my long term memory. I remember EVERYTHING! In detail, sounds, scents, colors, etc. When I say I will never forget anything, I won't. But if I am off to wal-mart to get a few things I cannot even remember my name when I get there. This may work to my advantage because my trips are far and few between now that my wife has figured this out. Especially when I come home with pie and febreeze when I am sent out to get light bulbs and pull-ups. However I will remember what I was supposed to get 2 years later and never forget it.

4. Golf. I think about golf all of the time. I set up certain cenarios in my head. Even if I am walking down the street I pick a point down the road, calculate the yardage and figure out what club would get me there. I even take into consideration lamp-posts and garbage cans as hazards.
I often get busted at the market or standing in line off in my own world gripping an imaginer club and practicing short swings to get the feel of my swing.
When I walk into Golftown my heart beats fast. I mean really fast almost like when you get into a car accident or see one. Or see someone get hit. It doesn't scare me too much until my mouth waters when I pick up a Taylor Made R7. Now that's when I have to have a seat and collect myself.

5. I love music. Music to me is my life. I love sad music. Sad music more like melodramatic no care really good writing type music. Examples of this could be cold play, james blunt, sam roberts, tragically hip.

Wow my whisky is kicking in I better sign off before I really exploit myself. This was fun, I feel awesome for being tagged now I will have to tag five peeps myself. I hope the people I have chosen have not already been tagged but the luckies are.....


julia said...

God, you should meet my husband. He's a golf freak, too. Golf. *shudder*

Kerri tagged me earlier - I'll have mine up tomorrow.

rubbing said...

lol @"shudder" i think my wife would aggree with you on that expression.

Shannon said...

That's so cool that Happy Gilmore was filmed where you worked and you got to see the filming.

Did you get to see Adam do the fight scene with Bob movie scene ever, IMO.

jill said...

Thanks for the tag! I needed something to post about anyway :)

Anonymous said...

So, Chris finally I comment on your blog. I really enjoy reading your entries and all the comments, I am a quiet spectator. It's comforting and reassuring to hear from everyone, we really aren't alone. I am proud of you Chris for all the love all the dedication you have put into our daughter and educating yourself on diabetes.

Jamie said...

Small world. I just popped over here from Shannon's blog - and hey - you're from my part of the world. Hint - I live two hours west of you.

I look foward to reading more of your posts!

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

thanks for tagging me. i will hopefully get round to it when i get my home computer fixed. at this rate i might throw it out the window then get a new one!


Sandra Miller said...

Hey there, Chris-

Found your blog via Shannon's site.

(My eleven-year-old son has had Type 1 for a little over two years)

I love numbers 2 and 3 on your list-- you're just a big softy, aren't you :-)

Very, very sweet.

I'll add a link to your site on my blog this evening... and a belated welcome to the diabetes blogging community.