Wednesday, November 01, 2006

6.7 with a faulty pancreas?

Well I have been trying to get pictures of Emma's first real Halloween experience on here but blogger has a different agenda.

However she was dressed as a "Punkin". I think it may have been her 3rd time since last Wednesday that she has put tea costume on. The plan was to have a low carb supper, around 10 or so grams of carbs. When she normally has 20g's. So it was eggs and toast.

Both Just Gramma and Gramma Puff came over to see her. I did not get home until about 5:45. And they were anxiously waiting for me so they can go hit a few houses. Emma left the house with her BG reading 5.4, then after her few houses she trick or treated at she came in and had a few candies. Then before bed her BG was 6.7.

Her insulin has been going awesome like i said before. But now instead of saying and insinuating "all done" she actually asks "all done?" in a tone signifying "was that it? gotta be serious daddy, that was nothing.

When we are with people and we talk about her. We rarely now talk about her diabetes in the terms and intensity we used to.In some cases we don't even mention it at all. And that feels amazing. It sure feels like we have come a very long.

She is easily the most adorable little girl anyone can imagine to have. We are so lucky, she is so freaking smart it blows us away.

Why does blogger spell check always suggest a different spelling for "blogger?"


Jenn said...

She looked so so so cute in her Punkin costume. Love the hat. Glad she had fun.. and that everything is well. She is so freakin smart isnt she?? Man do we miss her!! Cant wait to see her hopefully in a crap load of pictures.. !!!

Shannon said...

Snow on Halloween!!

Emma looked adorable with her little pumpkin face sticking out of the little pumpkin costume.

Congrats on getting through your first Halloween. We let Brendon and our other 2 trade in their candy for a toy. It kind of makes up for them not being able to eat all of it (we of course let them have some).

And doesn't it feel great to be able to live life without diabetes being at the forefront of our minds. It's weird because it has to be top priority, but somehow after a while, it's just incorporated like brushing teeth or getting dressed....

rubbing said...

Yes winter hit us really hard the other day. Yuck. As for diabetes being incorporated i totally agree and can see it being even more so soon when she does get on higher doses and fast acting insulins.
Like i said before we are lucky that we caught it early.
I would be very suprised if emma even remembers life without diabetes.

Beefs and Bouquets said...

Can Emma eat any candies at all?

I was thinking about that..sorry for the ignorance.