Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hold On!

Wow...What a month it has been. And it doesn't seem to be slowing down at all anytime soon either. A lot has happened a lot is happening and a lot is going to be happening. Hold on for a wild ride I may say.

First and foremost Emma's diabetes. Talk about momentum and a rhythm we have gotten from even this past week. Her BG has be bang on. In the morning she will wake up to any variance from 4.8 to 5.8. Actually today and yesterday she woke up at 6.9 and 6.1. Her goal is to be from a 6 - 12. And i think that is absolutely tremendous. Her day care lady Auntie Linda (our hand picked angel) tests her before lunch her average hit 6.06. Way to go girls! That is the hardest one to hit because her NPH will peak at that time. So another massage gift certificate will be coming her way very soon. Thanks Auntie!

Her insulin in the morning has been (im afraid to say) somewhat pleasurable. Emma seems to find this way of making such a thing into a game and a positive experience. I only have to mention its time for her insulin then she races to a selected spot takes off her own shirt and waits for me. The other day when i was done administering it she reached out her other arm and asked for more in that one too. So i guess im doing something right.

So that's that for now among the fact we are moving into a new place in January. Looking for a new car. Maybe two. I applied for a sales job last week and everything is looking pretty good. So we do have a lot being served to us at the moment. In lieu of expanding on this and writing an entire essay on this i will leave this at that.

But everything in perspective Emma is safe doing very good. Both me and my wife check this blog like 20 times a day to see if people are listening to us and commenting. We love your stories. We love the people in our life right now. Everything is going so fast and furious right now but I wouldn't give that up for anything. The thing I know for sure is when we get to where we are going it will not compare to the journey itself.


one_iconoclast said...

Enjoy the ride!

Here's a little piece of text I was inspired to whip up for Emma last time I came in, but uncertain of whether I wanted to leave it or keep it for another time. Obviously I have since made up my mind -- yep, I do that now and again. LOL

Caution: my poems never rhyme, but they always do contain some measure of reason. ;-)


"Emma's Jacket"
It is shining clearly through her little pink-hood,
and if I look hard enough,
and narrow my eyes just so,
almost looking past and through her, beyond the photograph, and into her tomorrow,
I am certain I can see the outline of the halo,
inspiring me to take
my own dust-adled wings
out of the closet
and learn again,
by innocent example,
what it really means to fly.


I hope you get something fast and mildly furious. The car, I mean.

A big e-wave to you, Denise and Emma, from me.


cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

That is excellent. Those results are great. I bet you'll find Emma is feeling better for those steady sugars too.

You are all doing so well, I would never cope that well if I had a diabetic child I swear. I have enough trouble taking care of my self.

You guys are all angels!! :o)

rubbing said...

Wow Sally. Thanks. Emma now has a poem. that is really special. That is definatley "frameworthy.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

rubbing said...

It is true that little ones really make you revert back toyour basic needs. And really opens ones eyes to what is important these days.

Deanna said...

Your daughter sounds precious to me. I am very close to being a Registered Dietitian and I hope to eventually become a Certified Diabetes Educator. I think about all the people I had to talk to growing up, people who didn't HAVE diabetes and I hope that my diabetes will allow me to become a better professional. I can't wait to be able to help out in the fight against diabetes.

rubbing said...

Thank you, yes she is precious. Keep checking in. Actually one of Emma's dieticians is diabetic. She now works at the very clinic/hospital that she used to go to until she was 18. Which is ours of course.
She is amazing. And talking to her really gives us strength and a very positve outlook on things to come. So i know with you having type 1 will definatley make you an outstanding educator.

one_iconoclast said...

Thanks Chris.

Emma is a worthy and inspiring subject (that picture really did it for me, whoever took it -- you? Denise? -- has a very good eye) and I'd love to write more for her.

I've dabbled in kids books now and again. Maybe I'll bind up "Captain Isan and the Buried Treasure" and give it to her for Christmas. I'm not very crafty, but I'm sure the dollarama has some cool stickers and stuff I could scatter here and there.

Captain Isan (RIP) is a dog, btw, who becomes a pirate after he loses his leg to cancer and goes to Florida with his human family. He was inspired by a real Akita-dog that I had the pleasure of meeting and living with, although I can't say the same about his owner. LOL

Hope you are all well, etc.