Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The learning curve does not seem to be leveling out these days. Since we are more or less taking it day by day it seems like everytime we turn around there is something new that we encounter. This is good. Because I have been on a information gathering frenzy lately. There is more and more to wrap my head around so I know it is important to take things as they come and even school myself on what is happening that day.

I am reading a book right now (Yes everyone sit back down and hold your applause, thanks) called "When a Child Has Diabetes" because I seem to be asking Denise a lot of questions about everything. And I feel I haven't really been doing my part in the entire knowing the overview of certain particulars. With saying that Denise is my most reliable and most available source of information these days.

This entire blog thing is extremely useful to us. In lieu of actually meeting families and people with diabetes this is the way we are doing it. This is a great communication device. Even with the last post regarding the Glargine, we instantly received feedback about others experiences and opinions about that issue. Totally awesome!

Please always comment on anything you have to say about anything we are going through. We will never take it as being lectured or being told this is better than that type of canary. Technical comments as well as supportive comments from both family and friends (friends I do include fellow webring contributors) are always welcome and encouraged.

To my sisters,
Charlene you said you don't have first hand experience with type 1 diabetes, and that was more or less the cause of you not commenting, En contraire mon seour, but you do. You have your own questions and ways to deal with a niece that has this disease. It may not consume you like it does us. But I know you think about her and us all the time. Yours and Jenns support has been incredible. I never doubted you guys for a split second on this. I love that you come over and all we talk about if I want is this. And show you her equipment, and even inject you with saline. Totally great!

Jenn I know your 3,000 or so kms away living the dream in TO, but we still read your comments and blog everyday. Emma still knows where Amy lives. So were cool but you have to come home for a visit real soon.

This is one great thing that Diabetes has brought us. It has brought us many new friends. It has enabled us to really know what is important. It has allowed other people to show their compassion towards us and especially Emma. I guess in a great sense of the word it has brought us a lot of love.


Char said...

Chris, I appreciate the things you said in your post today. I really do think about Emma alot, and I have learned more about Diabetes in the last month than I ever thought I would need to in my whole life. And that's just a drop in the bucket compared to what you and Denise have learned. The two of you have taught me alot. For example, how milk and cheese are "free". I never would have known that 3 weeks ago. I felt so bad the other night when you guys were here because I didn't really have anything to give Emma as a treat, but when Denise said she could have as much cheese as she wanted, it made me so happy because I was able to give her something. Most kids wouldn't consider cheese a treat, but Emma does. She was happy to take it from me, and she came back for more. Also with the milk, she was more than happy that I gave some to her. I find it so amazing that she's already, in her almost-2-year-old way, accepted it as a way of life. She won't know any different because she was diagnosed so young. These are the types of things I think about, because even from my perspective, I want to put as much logic into it as I can, for Emma's sake.

I will never forget her getting so upset when Jake was trying to look at her testing kit "MY tesh! MY tesh!" I know I've already commented on that, but it blew me away. I'll be sure to use that story at her wedding.

I'm due for another saline shot, so I'll be over soon to receive it. But I guess first you'll need to test my kinger.

I don't know when I'll see her next (basketball on Saturday, maybe?), but give little "kunkin" a kiss for me.

You guys are doing so awesome with all of this. I'm not surprised that you're reading. Keep learning, and keep sharing with the rest of us.


Jenn said...

Like Char I too think about Emma alot. I just wish I was there so I too can get a "tesh" in my "pinger" and a shot of saline, maybe when we do come for a visite then you guys can teach us all we need to know.

You guys are doing awesome.. I look forward to your posts..

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

The more you learn the better prepared you are for everything. I'm always learning new things about 'my' diabetes. it's amazing...... :O)

rubbing said...

What were some of the most recent things you have learned?

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

Ok, things I've recently learned = bicep curls with 6lb weights (ha, lightweight me) can make me go really low about 4 hours after.

Pump related, my body absorbs insulin from the sets better on my hips that the fatter (!) part of my tummy.

Pretzels give me amazingly high sugars.

Not much this week sometimes I learn more than others.


Shannon said...


I saw your comment on Kerri's blog, so I clicked and now here I am!

I haven't read through your other posts yet, but I wanted to say welcome to the OC and I too find blogging to be a great resource.

My thinking has changed dramatically (as in I feel much more at ease about my son having diabetes) since I started getting feedback on my blog as well as read other people's blogs.

Flmgodog said...

Chris - I got to your blog from Scott's D Life.
Emma sounds like an amazing little girl and is taking everything in stride.
You and your wife will learn to follow Emma's lead and take everything in stride as well. This disease can be very fustrating. You both sound like you are doing a great job.
Take care!!!

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

yes it's always good to get a nice a1c and see how all the hard work has paid off. it then inspires me to do it all over again until my next a1c.


vic x