Thursday, February 12, 2009

The weather and a quote

When the weather is bad with the rest of the is always worse in Manitoba!
Skating down streets and Higways has proven to be the safer mode of transportation lately. I still have not fallen, which i believe i am a dying breed. But when you get a layer of snow over this treacherous foundation like we will get today who knows what will happen?!!

Emma mentioned to me this morning "Daddy when Anna gets diabetes like when i was two she can have my baby test kit".
If that doesn't bring tears to your eyes i do not know what will.


Lisa said...

O man! Sweet Emma. Isabelle has made comments about when Alex gets diabetes too. It's too hard for me to even think about.

Allison said...

Aww, that is sad. I don't remember ever making a comment like that, but I was much older when I was diagnosed. My brother, 19, doesn't have diabetes, after my 15 years with it. Hopefully, it stays like that though with diabetes you never know.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow, that is touching.

Stay safe in all of that ice. Keep the wheels down!

Shannon said...

That's sad.
When Jake was a baby, Brendon was tickling him in his bouncy seat and said "When you're older, you'll get diabetes too, just like your big brother." He said it like it was a great thing to have.

Nicki Christensen Swilor said...

The other day my niece, Avrie told my sister something like She doesn't want to grow up because then she'll have to give herself shots. Ashley explained to her not everybody gets diabetes when they grow up. Avrie replied with "Well, you just made my life a WHOLE lot easier".

Chris said...

Hey all. Those were all touching comments. I was not aware that it would generate such.
I guess diabetes is so similar in each of our lives in one way or another. And so different. The same but different.
Thanks for dropping by and taking a moment to rub your eyes!

Kerri. said...

((( Emma ))) She's a good kid.