Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Homer Simpson Has Nothing On Me

Thank you so much for the nice birthday wishes for Emma yesterday. Among the comments and the thoughts she had a tremendous birthday...ummm....week. The past 5 or so days have been full of birthday events.
But my favorite one was taking her to Madagascar 2. She is a big girl now and she goes to big girl movies.
So i thought i would be all Mr. Dad tonight with Emma and be a figure to her just after i gave her insulin.
I asked her if she knows what diabetes is? She looked at me and waited for this educating explanation that would clarify ALL questions that she had about it.
But instead it went like this.....

"Well Emma. Diabetes is when your body make the stuff that you need to play and move. And when you move the diabetes doesn't take your food and help you move lots. (at this point she is looking behind me at her BRATS cup, so i know this isnt going so well so i must stop talking so darned ummm...stupid). Actually it means you need insulin so you can play.

Oh my god. How brutal was that. I know when i walked away she had to have rolled her eyes at me.
I think i will stick to explaining an offside or an icing call.

oy vay.

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Nice try, Dad.

Brendon is the same way. He's all "diabetes I have to sit here and listen to this?"

Although now he's more interested and took out a fiction book from the school library about a boy who has diabetes.

Eventually they take interest, but for the longest time, he could care less about it.