Saturday, December 15, 2007

Type 3 Diabetic

I often find myself saying out loud that if i had the chance to take Emma's diabetes away from her and give it to myself, i would without even missing a beat. I also find myself in situations where i try to figure out what Type 1's go through during lows and highs and how they feel and act. I always think about their thought process. And of course read it here on some great blogs.
Then at times when i am hungry and feeling week i am so grateful that my body can get through those times all by its self.
It is Emma's 3rd birthday tomorrow. She is such a big girl and so mature for her age. She is one of the most brilliant people i know. And i could not ask for anything more in a first daughter. The fact that she has diabetes in very concussive to where she is in her development. Also i believe for myself and my wife it has allowed us to not take anything for granted and has empowered us in many ways.
I am privileged to be a part of such a strong community and a community that strives for the same thing. I live with it everyday. I think about it constantly. I breath it. I sleep it. I hear it crying. I hear the confusion. I hear it scream for joy. So next year i will post what it is like being a Type 4 diabetic. I really pray i do not make it to be a type 21.


Shannon said...

'Tis the season for birthdays....

Happy Birthday, big girl Emma!!

Chris said...

Great post Chris and a very happy birthday to that adorable 3 year old. It's so great that you are so in touch with the Diabetes community. Granted your daughter has Diabetes, but that does not always result in proactive Diabetic parenting. Keep up the great work. You daughter is a very lucky girl to have a dad such as yourself.

Angela said...

A late happy birthday to Emma. And she is a credit to you! My 4 year old daughter has diabetes, and was diagnosed at 2 1/2. I know how hard it is to control those blood sugars in such active and unpredictable lives. Welldone, and have another fun packed year adoring your little treasure.