Thursday, December 13, 2007

Emma is Such a Good Sleeper

When i picked Emma up today from her day care. She ran to me yelling "daaadddeeee". It is the cutest thing ever. She does it all the time. And if she is not far enough from me to let out a big "daaaaaddddeeee" she will back up just enough to get it out, and time it right, and jump into me as i catch her in mid air. Im serious she does this all the time. I guess it is "our thing".

Well now onto the next scene.

I asked one of the workers there what her lunch number was. And if blank looks can stall the escence of time we all would have an extra 20 seconds added on to our December 13.
At that point i experienced many changes within my quickly morphing emotions. I tried my darndest to hold them in. But all i got was a bleeding lip.

So fast forward 20 seconds which seemed like 20 years. I asked to see her KIT so i can actually see for myself her lunch number. They had no fucking clue where it was or even what it looked like. They looked through one cupboard. Nothing there but stupid sparkles (sparkles are stupid at this point). Long story short they found a cupboard that didnt have gay sparkles in and were shuffling things around...EVEN moving the fucking test kit aside to find the fucking test kit. (Ok this is where i take some deep replenishing breaths.) K i m good.
So the worker was so proud she found it. Passes it to me. I looked at "it" i looked at her i looked at "it". Yes "it" is in these things----> " " because "it" was an empty test strip box.
Ok. So i am not blaming the worker i am not blaming us i am not blaming the day care i am not blaming the Health Nurse (YURIS TEAM). I am just glad as fuck that this is the way i was informed of how poorly everyone is not on the page they should be on.

Much better than what we all know what an alternative could have been.

I have been replaying this scenario all night in my head. Not too far off i know now.

EMMA - "teacher ... my legs feel shaky.."

DAYCARE WORKER - " cute ...go have a rest in this back room where no one will bother you or see you"

Give me a fucking break. I have an appointment for work at 9:45 tomorrow morning. Emma is only going to be there for another 3 weeks. I will be down there at 9:00 am (Emma is staying home with mom tomorrow). I will be in a meeting prior to my 9:45 to say the least. So her 3 weeks may turn into 4 more days. We will see.

Maybe i will give them to go check out .


Shannon said...

Here I am starting out enjoying a cute little post about Emma and daaaaddddeeeee with a nice cup of coffee in front of me.

Now, I'm burning up at those daycare workers.

How long do you think it's been that they didn't have strips?

They have culpability. They should've told you or Denise that they were running low on strips. And they apparently have a lack of respect for Emma's care.

That more than anything (aside from the danger of not having what they need to take care of a diabetic child) makes me angry.

Make it clear that you need their help and part of that help includes letting you know when they're running low on supplies. They can at least extend themselves that far.

Shannon said...

Oh, and thanks for providing another link to your blog. It'll make it so much more convenient for me to get to it now ;)

Chris said...

I never even thought about the fact the test strip box was empty. That will be another thing i go over today with them.
It was the fact they thought the empty box of test strips was her test kit that i was asking for. There was a container in her kit full of strips so we are ok on that front for now.

Shannon said...

oh. nevermind then. I feel like an ass for going on and on like that. My coffee has culpability in not waking me up enough to read your story straight.

Chris said...

I think I would have gone balistic if that were my daughter. Thank god she is OK. Loved the start of the post. Reminds me of my daughter. She does almost the same thing when I get home.

Bernard said...


Good luck with this 'issue'. I don't envy you. I hope whatever happened it's an improvement on this situation.