Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Tools of the Trade

This is what seems to be working for us these days. The combination of myself and Denise pulling together trying to start Emma's day off on some good numbers.
First is the Log Book. It gives us a quick at glance look that encompasses the entire month. With a spot for notes and changes. I really like this tool. And we do not fumble around with the little log books that come with the monitor.

Second is the newest addition to our family. The Salter food scale. It has a data base of 900 foods and simply gives you the carbohydrates in that particular food. As well it is a good learning tool to gain a better guesstimation when scales and measuring devices are not available.

Thirdly i would like you to meet my best friend in the morning. I seem to stand in front of it constantly watching Emma eat and recalculating by wiping off numbers with my thumb and putting new ones as she eats or doesn't eat something. Like i said it all stems on her morning number. (It looks like you got a sneak peek into some names we are throwing around too).

And finally you may be familiar with our cupboard in the past. It hasn't really changed much. The only thing that has changed however is the amount of insulin Emma is umm..eerrr..consuming? And of course the Pre Natal vitamins. But here it is none the less.

We do all this diligently in the morning. Pull together and then send her off to day care. Where it can easily fall apart just from someone being careless or having a moment. Sure human error is always an issue. But it will be nice when Momma is off at the end of December to gain control and be able to manage Emma all day long. Oh yea and have supper ready for when i come home;)


Amylia said...

thanks for the photos and descriptions. it surely puts into perspective all the things you need to do to keep the little one going and healthy.

I like your list of names. :)

Shannon said...

I like the dry erase board, except in my house the info would be smeared and would have J-A-C-O-B graffiti-ed all over it.

Emma couldn't be in better hands. You guys are very organized.

Paige said... have I missed this? are you guys expecting? I need to pay more attention, I guess.

(we are partial to Olivia!)

Paige said...

ok, I got it now. the care bear threw me off!


Penny said...

Not that you want my vote, but I like Ian for a boy and Zoe for a girl. Or, Riley is a really nice name for a boy or a girl;-)

Major Bedhead said...

It's all very neat and tidy. Much neater and tidier than at my house, which is why O's log book now lives inside the computer rather than on paper.

Julie is a nice name, although Julia is nicer. :D And Olivia is a lovely name. I like Ian for a boy. That was on our short list, too but a girl named Ian would have been a little weird.

Jamie said...

Dood! Where did you get that scale ... we'll be in the peg on the 30th - did you get it locally or have to order it in? How much was it?? I haven't seen one here in Brandon ....

You guys are more organized than me. I did invest in a binder though - tossed the little books the drug companies come up with because they're completely useless. I have scribbles all over the place - it makes sense to me, not sure if anyone else who peeked in it would understand it though *sigh*.

Take care - belly rub for Denise and hugs to Emma :)

Carey said...

What? Yer ... on the nest? Congratulations! That's awesome. Carey works for boy or girl. I have the emotional scars from 3rd grade to prove it.

Hope momma is feeling well. Take care.