Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I would not kid about this.

"Oh i am sorry to hear that. Is she on bed rest?"
Just when you think you have heard them all.
This is why awareness is so important.
How the hell do you even respond to that?
At least if that person was handicapped or mentally challenged i could have lived with it. Just give them a t-shirt and send them to camp or something. But this person was actually in a high position at a financial institution. Not too SMRT huh?


Major Bedhead said...

Bed rest?? For diabetes? Um, what? Ever see that Bill Engval skit - You need a sign. Yeah. That person needs a sign.

What on earth did you say in response to that? Or were you just trying to pick your jaw up off the floor?

Kassie said...


Potential response #1:

"Yes, sadly she is. Every night between 8:30PM until 6 or 7AM. And sometimes for an hour or two in the afternoon. We're hoping they can find new medication to cure her of that."

Shannon said...

OMG. Some people are too stupid to live (ouch that was harsh).

If Emma is anything like my kids I would've told the woman: 'Are you kidding me? I WISH she was on bed rest.....the little squirt runs me into the ground!

George said...

Wow. I think I would have said, "oh yeah. They say bed rest even helps people regain the abilty to make a ounce of sense. You should check it out!"

It's not like Diabetes is a total mystery. I mean, come on!!!

Penny said...

You're right, how do you respond to that?

Reason #5,356,763,765 we need to educate people about this disease.

Jeff said...

Bed rest? Heck, no.

We've sold off the bedroom sets, donated the sleeping bags to Scouts, and even cut down the backyard hammock. You just can't take any chances with diabetes.

Anyone need pillows? ;^)

Jamie said...

D'oh! That one tops the charts my friend. I think we should construct that person a specialized dunce cap to wear - to honour their dumbness.

Bed rest, for a Type 1?? Ahhh, yes - it cures all, dontcha know?? Bed rest and drink plenty of fluids - just not apple juice.

Good Gawd.

Chris said...
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