Friday, May 04, 2007

Out of Towner

OMFG Jamie!!!!
I was in Gladstone this afternoon. (about an hour or so northish of Brandon). I was having a late lunch around 3:00 at a bakery in this small town where i did stick out like a sore thumb at best.
I started reading Jamie's post on my Blackberry. The first thing i saw was the pic of Brooke. How adorable is that.
Then i started to read. Deeper into the post my grin was becoming the largest smile that side of Manitoba has seen in a long time.
Then came the redo rick (sp). Then came the chuckles. Then you know when your not in an appropriate spot to laugh out loud especially when your alone in a bakery 3 hours away from home eating bland celery soup sitting with the Hutterites?...yea that kind of scenario.
Then came the comments between Shannon, you, you then Shannon..oh my.

I just fell short of celery exploding through my nose. But i regained my composure. Finished lunch. And reflected on how lucky i was not to expend celery through any of my orifices....SO I THOUGHT!!!

Forty five minutes later in the middle of no-where my stomach decides it doesn't like celery in its soup form. Please..not now. I just want to get home safely. ook ok ..i get it at least let me find a fucking Esso or Husky. I don't even care if i have to ask for the key holding my ass....just get me to that porcelain pony that i want to take for a wild yet relieving ride.

VICTORY! I made it. To what WAS a clean bathroom. I don't care. Its all good. Like you don't know how good it is. Maybe you do.

Well any how with saying that i totally enjoyed and embraced My brief moment with a fellow OC'r and catch up on how our little Joys are doing.

This was actually started to be a comment on Jaimie's blog about my balls but it was looking more like a post so i cut and pasted this in here. Two birds down.

I hope to hear from all of you soon possibly on this comment section or on a new post of yours. Let me know how all of you are doing and your children too. As Denise talked to the Doctor today and started a new attack on Emma's ratio, intake, and management of it all. Feels like a new UN-charted phase we are entering.

Talk to you all soon.


Bernard said...


You've intrigued me. Can you point to her post so I can read too??

Chris said...

Of course Bernard...

Jamie said...

Oh Chris - I'm so sorry (heh heh) ... you know how Shannon and I get when we're on a roll ....

I almost peed myself reading this post too - please, tell me which pit stop you destroyed so we can avoid it in our future travels ... (I'm sure it'll never be the same again .....). (isn't that the worst? Being plagued with that in the middle of nowhere???) I feel for ya, buddy.

I also wanted to tell you the other night that Emma is one smart little munchkin for recognizing her low the other day. As sad as it is that they feel like crap when that happens, it is such a HUGE step in the whole management of Diabetes - when they can relay to you how they are feeling. It's also amazing that she's recognizing the disease in herself as well. I know I had tears in my eyes when Dani did that last year. It certainly isn't something you want your child to EVER have to come to the recognition of - but it's what they and we have been dealt with - so in a strange way, it is a good thing.

Too bad our visit was so short - next time you're in town we'll have you over for a BBQ or something! Hi to Denise and your little bug, Emma .... hope we can connect at the end of July when we're in the peg.

Talk to you soon!

Shannon said...

We go from gay to balls to.....ass expellents.....

OMG, my stomach muscles are sooo burning right now from laughing so hard.

I was going to post this on Jamie's blog, but here is a little ditty I'm sure you'll enjoy...have a ball listening to it!

Don't "assk" me who these people are in the video though.

Shannon said...

P.S. I love "porcelain pony". I've never heard that term before. Holy "shit" that's funny. I'm glad to "ass"ociate with you here in the OC.

Jamie said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Shannon! LOL - oh man, I remember that song .... dh has it and I remember one time telling him what a stupid song it was and then he played it again about 3 more times right after just to be an ass. Funny - that song reminds me of my own husband LOL!!!