Sunday, March 11, 2007

Our First Seminar

Our Diabetes Education Resource Center here in Winnipeg held a all day seminar about the teen brain and diabetes. Emma is sure a long way off from becoming a teen. However we thought this was a great opportunity to more or less prepare ourselves and get educated on the resources offered here in Manitoba. (and may even find a babysitter with type 1).

In the afternoon the research crew were able to present what has been going on in those terms in the past while. We learned about Pumping and their goals for pumps. Regarding closed loop systems. We learned that researchers are more openly thinking outside the box, to alleviate some "staleness" in some past research findings for finding a cure that seem to be redundant after a while. (this was my take on it).

But! With saying that we came out of there with a replenished sense of optimism and hope in regards to the research and awareness that has transcended over the past while.

The highlight of our day was by far meeting our Nations Youth Ambassador for The Unite For Diabetes Campaign for the Resolution on Diabetes. I hope did not butcher that description too much. I had the pleasure of shaking his hand during lunch and was honored that he got to meet Emma as well. Honestly at that time i had no idea on who i was meeting and what sort of impact he has had on thousands of Diabetics and of his mission.

How cool is that?!!!! Twenty five hand picked ambassadors throughout the world and our guy is from Winnipeg.
Joshua talked (very well) about this past year in Cape Town South Africa where they were advocating for November 14 to be recognized under the UN as National Diabetes Day.
Diabetes is the first non communicable disease that has been recognized by the UN. This will raise the awareness and i believe will instill a better sense of urgency on finding a cure.

I always find myself making sure people know in one way or another that Emma has diabetes. It wasn't up until yesterday did i accept that this was the right thing to be doing. Now i know. It was. And it is.
Simply i am spreading the awareness of this disease. Communicating to people and showing them this is a disease that Emma and others should not have to live with. We were all put on this earth for a reason. My families function is slowly evolving.

Well this may be it for me for a while as i am flying to Calgary and then Vancouver to start my new career. I will miss Momma and Emma alot. I just hope they have a welcome home banner for me when i get home.

This is the 5 minute video that was filmed in Cape Town. Joshua shared it with is yesterday.
Break the silence.


Shannon said...

I think it's great that you guys went to that seminar. Making connections is so important.

Good luck with your new career!

Jamie said...

I'm sorry we missed Family Research Day - like we talked about, the DER-CA has never sent us their newsletters and we didn't even KNOW what it was until a month or so ago. I really hope we can attend future ones and hear all the upcoming things being done in Diabetes research.

Well, I gotta go here - all hell is breaking loose in the other room. Good luck in Calgary and Vancouver. Be sure to post when you get back.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Yes, it is important that people are made more aware.

That video is great.

Carey said...

Finding a type 1 babysitter kicks ass. We just did. Will tell more in future post.

Congratulations on the new career. Take care.