Wednesday, October 04, 2006

We Have Her Dialed In

We have our Emma back!!! No more highs and lows. She is safe now. Just to give you an idea of how her highs went and lows went prior to her last two doses of insulin:
Friday BS (blood sugar) 23.1 mmol/l
Saturday Morning BS 4.0
Saturday Afternoon BS 2.8 and 3.0 mmol/l
Saturday Evening BS 17.8 mmol/l

Monday Morning BS 5.1
Monday Evening 13.8

Tuesday and Wednesday morning we administered her first two doses of 2 units of NPH (long lasting insulin)and her results since then have been dialed right within her target range of 6 - 12 mmol/l/l starting with 5.5, 5.7, 11.5, 6.0, 7.1, 6.1.
It is a good thing that something has been consistent because it is really hard to keep our emotions from going all over the board.
Denise and myself have done the flip flop with how we have been doing since Friday. I have had a hard last couple of days. I think it is because i know we have got a control on her diabetes now and at first i wanted her to be safe so i didn't wander too far into my feelings and thoughts because I knew both Denise and Emma needed me at the first stages. We find it the hardest when we read of other peoples struggles and stories and how they cope. But you know...we now have our own stories and mechanism's on how we cope.
This is all for now. We are happy that you visit this site and we hope you can do some reading on your own and comment on certain things on here. That would be nice. I hear of people reading this but just let us know you were here.
Sorry for the randomness of this post. I am tired so i will sign off for now.


Char said...

Thank you guys for all the info the other night. I learned a great deal and had some misconceptions about diabetes straightened out. Not that I thought of it in a negative way or anything, it's just that over the years you hear certain things about it and what other people have gone through. It really is a disease specific to each person, and I'm so glad that Emma doesn't have to make many changes to her life. It's a good thing you and Denise have stuck to a routine with Emma from day one because if you didn't, that would probably be the biggest life adjustment you'd all have to make. It's just one less thing for you to get used to.

I learned that she'll still be able to have some treats, and it's better for her to have a higher level than a lower one. I learned that the real danger comes when the levels drop too low. I learned what you do when the levels are high, and I learned what you do when the levels are low. I also learned that receiving the insulin does not hurt (thanks for the needle, Chris), and I learned how to test blood sugar with the meter.

You guys have things under control already, and that's amazing. Good for you...counting carbs, etc. Keep teaching us what you know, because as you said before, knowledge is power. That phrase is something that you always hear, but when you can apply it to something like this, you realize how much it means.

Regs said...

Hi Chris and Denise...I have been to your blog twice to keep up to date. It sounds like you guys are doing your best and that Emma is trooper. I actually don't know much about Type 1 diabetes, more about Type 2 so I will be learning with you! All our best to you all;

Love Peter, Regan and Sasha

Anonymous said...
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Gramma said...

mmol/l ????
Sorry, I'm behind in the training. What is this. I had full intentions of getting the first hand training tonite, but I feel like I'm getting a cold or something. I will try to fight it off and come sometime over the weekend.

I am so proud of all of you. You got knocked for a loop, but you all stuck together and rallied each other. Mommy and Daddy are so entitled to your emotions and you just go ahead and cry, be angry and everything and anything else in between.

I know Char and Jenn have both told you that we are here for anything you need, I too want to add to that.

I will see you in the next couple of days. Kiss your trooper for me, and take care of each other.

rubbing said...

mmol/l is millimoles/liter, and is the world standard unit for measuring
glucose in blood.
Except for the USA. For Example:
mmol/l mg/dl interpretation
------ ----- --------------
2.0 35 extremely low, danger of unconciousness
3.0 55 low, marginal insulin reaction
4.0 75 slightly low, first symptoms of lethargy etc.
5.5 100 mecca
5 - 6 90-110 normal preprandial in nondiabetics
8.0 150 normal postprandial in nondiabetics
10.0 180 maximum postprandial in nondiabetics
11.0 200
15.0 270 a little high to very high depending on patient
16.5 300
20.0 360 getting up there
22 400 max mg/dl for some meters and strips
33 600 high danger of severe electrolyte imbalance

Cougarhunter said...

I'm here! I'm happy to hear that Emma's feeling all better, dood. You and Denise are troopers. C-ya soon...