Sunday, September 28, 2008


Emma's last A1C taken on September 19th was 6.9.
Well done Momma and Emma.
We are settled in our new home.
Emma is in pre school.
Anna is 7 months old.
My work is busy.
Momma goes back to work in January.
Emma can turn the computer on and go into her games.
The summer is over.
Anna is up so i better go.


Nicki Christensen said...

Yes! A new post, finally. Short and sweet and to the point. My only request is more pictures of the cute girls. Glad you are all doing well. We miss you guys!

Nicki Christensen said...
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Sara said...

Great update (and great A1c)!

Now we just need some pictures!

Shannon said...

Excellent A1C.

OMG...Anna is 7 months old? Where the hell are the pictures. I still think of her as a newborn.

Emma is a smart smart girl.

George said...

Good stuff! I agree with Sara, more pics!

Take care.

Penny said...

It's good to hear from you again, Chris.